ZENEX: Solving Transactional Issues Introduction This is a project that was created to eradicate…


ZENEX: Solving Transactional Issues

This is a project that was created to eradicate issues that plague transactions and payments online. It went live on the 21st of January, 2022 and has been active since then. It has also been made to be a form of payment in the industry of gaming and also in the industry of gamble and bets. To also help generate traffic to the platform, the token was made. This will greatly help the betting and gambling industries.

About The Token
Licensed on bitexpro.eu, which is a service for payment in Europe, the token has been acclaimed tested and trusted. These tests have been done in well trusted casinos, further strenghtening the credibility of the token. It is built on the Ethereum, Binance, and Tron Blockchain.

The Benefits Of The Token
1. There will be value provided to platforms online and it's users/hodlers
2. There will be protection from chargebacks on these platforms which will use this token. Chargebacks in this context mean request for funds return at the bank due to incorrect transaction done by a party or more. This is done especially in the gambling /betting industry by users. They can ask for return of funds when they lose bets, giving the excuse of transactions being incorrect. This can affect these establishments as they will definitely lose money due to this method of theft. With zenex blockchain tech, this can be prevented, as the transactions are done on the block and can't be altered providing the most secure way to store transactions.
3. Transactions will be transparent and cannot be revoked
4. There will be maximum security & protection for it's users/establishments
5. Lots of opportunities will be provided for marketing
6. For it's users and those who hold tokens, they will be able to fund their online bets without any problems. They can also earn profits from stakes and token price growth.

Advantages Of The Zenex Platform
1) High client interest. Most cryptoprojects fundamentally center around financial backers and holders, leaving the client allure of the token without appropriate consideration. On account of ZENEX, the task group adopted an alternate strategy: first we got an over the top number of solicitations from gaming administrations for the execution of the ZENEX installment arrangement, decided the necessary volumes of liquidity and execution costs and solely after that we slowly began to elevate the token to holders.

2) Deficit part of the token. The month to month turnover of gaming administrations is in the billions of dollars. ZENEX installment arrangement consolidates fiat handling with crypto apparatuses, shields gaming administrations from chargebacks and increments player traffic change — we have previously noticed the popularity of gaming organizations for joining with our administration. Nonetheless, the capitalization of the ZENEX token is developing continuously and doesn't permit us to satisfy market need in a second. Simultaneously, the withdrawal of just the optional turnover of the token to outsider assets further builds the deficiency part of ZENEX and permits financial backers to rely on low unpredictability and a drawn out development pattern in the worth of the token.

3) Deflationary component. The ZENEX group has dynamic trade experts and digital money trained professionals. From the second a symbolic enters public exchanging, the group of specialists will quarterly check a bunch of key marks of token advancement elements against the pre-arranged situation models and will consistently apply the component of "consuming" a specific number of tokens recovered from the auxiliary turnover by the organization. This emptying creation system has proactively shown to be a dependable apparatus used to keep up with the conversion standard of local badge of notable monetary stages and cryptoservices, for example, the BNB coin from Binance.

4) Staking. This is an approach to remunerating token holders for devotion. A holder acknowledges a present moment or long haul offer from a responsible organization or trade, deliberately secures in a specific number of tokens for an assigned timeframe, and gets standard compensations as new tokens. On the off chance that symbolic issuance isn't finished, the holder can get tokens as indicated by the Proof-of-Stake agreement contract. Assuming that symbolic issuance is finished, the holder gets new tokens from the guarantor's wallets under brilliant agreement situations or other programming.

5) Redemption Options. Individual symbolic recovery choices are accessible for enormous ZENEX financial backers. The guarantor and venture accomplices are prepared to go into agreements to repurchase the token at a specific cost. This system shields financial backers from instability and permits them to pursue the most beneficial choice: to sell ZENEX at the market cost or utilize a choice.

6) Purchase at presale! The presale cost is generally lower than the assessed market cost of the token. Along these lines, the venture group remunerates early financial backers for supporting the undertaking, advocates and advances the task for a wide scope of crypto-lovers. By buying tokens at PreSale, a financial backer makes an extra security pad and guarantees big time salary from ensuing activities with ZENEX tokens.