Yummy Update — 03


Dear community,

We are very thrilled to see you all again! Another 2 weeks passed by since the last update, so time for a new one!

This edition:

  • News update
  • Staking partnership with EverRise
  • Staking partnership with Fox Finance
  • NFT announcement
  • ORE AMA announcement
  • YUSD announcement
  • Yummy stats
  • YUSD stats
  • Staking platform stats
  • Growth fund stats
  • 4th Bonfire event results
  • 28th Weekly burn

🔸News update🔸

First of all as always we hope everyone is well and in good health. The crypto market has been an absolute massacre since the last update. News about $LUNA and $UST were the highlights and the fact that a stable coin managed to plunge so deep (<$0.10) really scared the entire crypto industry. It’s effects were noticeable everywhere.

Bloody market or not, Team Yummy is always working to keep delivering and building the project. What have we achieved recently?

First of all a staking partnership with no other than EverRise has been signed and started! Also another staking partner has been added, Fox Finance! More about this below.

The very first NFT bonus airdrop has been successfully sent to the users of the ORE partner pool.

Joe Foot once more appeared on an AMA with ORE and we announced a new swap function for YUSD on the staking platform.

Another successful Bonfire event has been held as well.

As always we will go through all of these topics, have a good time reading! 👍🏼

🔸Staking partnership with EverRise🔸

It is our absolute pleasure to announce our next staking partner!🤝🏼🤝🏼


Stake your Yummy and/or RISE today at
and go to “Partners” Tab 👍🏼

If you need help using our Staking Platform, come to our Telegram
and admins will get you sorted 👍🏼

Please take a look at the official announcement’s article.

🔸Staking partnership with Fox Finance🔸

We have yet another staking partner to announce!🤝🏼🤝🏼

Please welcome Fox Finance!

Stake your Yummy and/or FOXV2 today at
and go to “Partners” Tab 👍🏼

If you need help using our Staking Platform, come to our Telegram
and admins will get you sorted 👍🏼

Please take a look at the official announcement’s article.

🔸NFT announcement🔸

The first NFT Boost Airdrops have now been sent. If you are staking in the ORE pool and have NFTs be sure to check if you got your bonus. If you did not, please let us know!

Note: Airdrop was only sent if the value of your Bonus was $0.10 or more. If you were below this threshold, the airdrop is skipped as it is not worth the gas fees. Our recommendation would be to get additional NFTs and make that bonus larger next time 🤝🏼

You can purchase NFTs by DMing an admin. Each NFT price is 0.6 BNB or you can check out our Lootex Marketplace and try to score some deals!

🔸ORE AMA announcement🔸

Another AMA with ORE was held, this time in Yummy’s Telegram room. Visit the room to find the official recording! 👍🏼

🔸YUSD announcement🔸

New on the staking platform!

Buy YUSD directly from contract! No you can buy large amounts of YUSD and not worry about the price impact caused by the low LP. The price is always $1. You also get to bypass VPO Meho 😉

🔸Yummy stats🔸

Price: $0.000005902

Total supply: 405.901.909.770

Circulating supply: 364,471,734,632

Market cap: $2,151,112

Total burned: 594,098,090,230

🔸YUSD stats🔸

Price: $1

Total supply: 750,000

Circulating supply: 432,391

Market cap: $750,000

🔸Staking platform stats🔸

Yummy-Yummy total staked: 52,876,140,866 Yummy

Yummy-YUSD total staked: 13,860,818,642 Yummy

YUSD-Yummy total staked: 400,944 YUSD

Yummy-Yummy 90 days total staked: 94,323,070,778 Yummy

Yummy-ORE total staked: 32,832,611,227 Yummy

Yummy-RISE total staked: 19,700,248,543 Yummy

RISE-Yummy total staked: 45,167,691 RISE

Yummy-FOXV2 total staked: 17,990,422,555 Yummy

FOXV2-Yummy total staked: 4,057,333 FOXV2

Total staked:
231,583,312,611 Yummy → $1,366,804

400,944 YUSD → $400,944

45,167,691 RISE → $27.028

4,428,333 FOXV2 → $9,605


🔸Growth fund stats🔸

Net worth: $1,029,488

Total buybacks: $411,529

🔸4th Bonfire event results🔸

And the winner for this Week’s BONFIRE is the following address:


Congratulations to the winner who just won 195,081,270 Yummy!!

Thank you everyone who participated 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🔥🔥🔥

🔸28th Weekly burn🔸

Due to us selling quite a bit of tax free Yummy over the last few weeks (over 2.2B worth) we will be allocating the Yummy purchased via GF to the 240B wallet to replenish our reserves.

Note: This does not affect the buybacks at all. We are still buying that Yummy at market. We are simply not burning it so we can fill out tax free reserve pool. Think it as compounding GF yields instead of reducing circulation 👍🏼👍🏼

We also bought less this week (around 550M) cause a large portion of Yield was allocated to EverBridge purchase of $15k.

Any questions just ask and ye shall receive an answer!

TX of Yummy transfer to 240B address → LINK

And so another update concluded. Please don’t let the red market demotivate you in your crypto venture. Team Yummy will always keep working hard!💪🏼

We wish everyone a great weekend and please stay tuned for more content👍🏼👍🏼


Team Yummy

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