YouTube V. TikTok who prevails in 2023?

Photo by Árpád Czapp on Unsplash

I have been watching YouTube since I was a little kid. It’s a great platform where anyone can upload videos.

TikTok which used to be musically, has stepped onto the scene in recent years. People make all kinds of content. The thing about Tik Tok is that the content is short so the user has the ability to skip faster and proceed to the next thing. There are also trends people can do as-well. Tik Tok has become quite the community.

If someone were to ask me who will prevail the most in 2023 and beyond, Tik Tok or YouTube, I’m gonna say YouTube every time, here’s why.

First off, YouTube has more active users. According to Vox YouTube has 2.4 billion active viewers while Tik tok has 1.4 Billion. Now once could say thats really really good for a company just starting out.

Secondly, Tik tok has a lot of safety concerns. The terms of service exclaim a lot of security issues for some people. The most damming in my opinion is they can see key strokes from your phone even when you aren’t on the app. The governor of South Dakota recently banned it for all state employees over security concerns. It will be interesting to see what the Biden administration handles it. It seems though the owners of Tik Tok which are called bytedance are gonna have to make massive changes to their terms of service.

Another great reason why YouTube will prevail is the invention of YouTube shorts. YouTube shorts are great because you can take for example a two hour long video and any user can create snippets of that video and post them. So it’s kinda like retweeting and posting a video at the same time. YouTube has billions maybe even trillions of hours of footage. There’s so much content on YouTube for every age and demographic out there.

Ultimately, I believe TikTok to be a fad just like how vine was. The security concerns are a big fork in the road for TikTok. One that they are going to have to resolve, but YouTube isn’t perfect. They have to work on a lot of monetization rules and work on their algorithms as well. If there’s one thing TikTok has over YouTube is their aggressive algorithm, an algorithm that brilliantly caters to people’s interests.