“You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy” Is Just Feudalism 2.0


Ownership matters

Without ownership, America’s 115,656,681 renters are at the whims of cruel land-lorders and Airbnb takeovers.

Without ownership, all of Tesla’s 70,000 employees miss out on their $14 million stake in the company they created, while Elon Musk makes $36 billion in a single day.

Without ownership, millions of Walmart employees struggle to feed their families, while the billionaire Walton family enjoys corporate socialism on an unprecedented scale.

Without ownership, people pay ever-increasing gas prices to get to work, the bottom billion go to bed hungry because of the slightest increase in grain prices, women and children prostitute their bodies to make ends me, and a million people globally move into slums every single day.

Without ownership, we don't get to own stuff. Not our houses, cars, clothes, music, movies, furniture, appliances, or books. Everything becomes pay-per-use. And if you can’t pay, you don’t get to use it. No matter what it is.

Without ownership, every single one of us lives and dies by the market:

Without ownership, people don’t have stakes in the game. They aren’t invested. They become rogue actors, prone to dissent and violence and chaos.

And why not?

They didn’t sign up to play real-life monopoly.

Why not smash the board and shatter the pieces?