You Can’t Take Western Media Seriously


Open your phone, turn on your TV, scroll through Youtube, Twitter, what ever. Does it not hurt your brain? It hurts mine.

Western media of all types, from state sponsored news channels, to youtuber’s and social media have lost their sh*t. They have to resort to literally making up stories, information, and data, to even stay relevant. Then the little guys take said information and run with it to their smaller followings.

I used to follow a lot of people, channels, and media outlets before 2020 due to relevant information. I would watch a gun channel to learn more about guns. I would watch a car channel to learn more about cars. But now, everyone is simply in the business of regurgitating made up lies.


The car shortage is caused by the chip shortage. This is a lie, because there hasn’t been a chip shortage in over 8 months, especially at the industrial level.

Russian losses in Ukraine number 80,000+. This is a lie, because that would be a 50% loss to the active service members that were in Ukraine, which would put Russia at 32 soldiers per kilometer of front line. Are you joking? That is physically impossible to sustain.

C0vid vaccines can protect you. Also a lie, because it is factually proven to cause more harm than good to people’s cardiovascular and immune systems. Oh by the way, the same day Biden announced that the “pandemic is over”, more draconian laws requiring vaccines were passed as well.

There is so much made up information out there that can be proven wrong using fundamental logic, that I must unsubscribe from dozens of people and channels that I used to respect for their credibility. If they stuck to their strengths, like, an economist analyzing the economy, and not regurgitating fake western war propaganda, then maybe I would not, but I must. People who seem smart, turn out to be puppets of the media machine, it corrupts everyone. Its for the clicks, likes, and views.

What is happening is the world is shrinking, money becoming worthless, and everyone is being told to conduct a “2 minute hate” every morning like in Orwell’s 1984 simply to distract the populous of what is really going on. What is the 2 minute hate? Its “a political tactic of focusing on enemies, outsiders and foreigners.”

That is what is happening today. Its all Russia’s fault. Its all immigrants fault. Its all this or that, but ignore all of our own internal issues such as : meddling with other countries governments and politics, overthrowing legally elected regimes, enforcing American socio-economic rule on everyone who doesn’t comply using military force, sign sanctions that are to the detriment of your own population, enforce laws that restrict industry and economic growth, you name it.

This is a very common tactic that people use on themselves. When things go wrong, they blame others and not themselves. A country that prides itself with freedom and democracy somehow ended up being the most dictatorial and illegal in history and EVERYONE LOVES IT. America is the Roman empire, and YOU are the populous given “wine and spectacle” to distract you from what is really happening. The use of YOUR money to find a proxy war to maintain an illegal government propped up by the CIA. This is THE fact, there is evidence. There always was evidence. How many times do other nations need to beg the US to leave them alone and stop restricting their prosperity? Probably until a nuke lands on home soil right? We are just so damn good at pissing off the entire world, and our last allies in Europe are this close to telling us to f*ck off too. You think the EU implemented sanctions because it wanted to? They could literally care less about what Russia does over there, because as far as words go, Russia has stuck to their words, so why would they be a threat as long as the EU pays for the gas they use? Exactly. The world is America’s cannon fodder, and when that runs out, we will be drafting our own to fight losing wars.

Times change, and people don’t stay in the dark for ever. I am actually glad I hear more and more chatter about normal civilians about the economy and the war and so on. People do not believe the lies, so why do you? The problem is that you are being bounced around like a ping pong ball. On one side you are fed lies so blatant you stop listening and run the other way, straight into the arms of the same people who fed you those lies, they give you a “target” and then there is a massacre. People when desperate thirst for radical change, revolution. They want blood. Problem is, most of these revolutions get hijacked. The unrest utilized in the interests of the same people who caused it. The Rich and Elite are more than willing to change their colors when its their neck on the line. Think east india trading company, think central bankers, think vanderbilts and rothchilds. It costs them nothing to say they are on your side and push you to destory yourself. You think the Russian people during world war 1 wanted to come home from the front line only to realize there is a civil war happening? Nope. No one wants that.

I know this has turned into a bit of a rant, but I cannot stress enough, that you must stay vigilant. You must realize, both sides of the coin are owned by those who minted it. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially when both houses are owned by the same landlord. The game is rigged, and the only way to win is to not take either side, but to go back to the fundamentals, follow the money, the conflicts of interest, and realize you are being played for a fool.