YDragon Q2 Community Update

  1. What’s in the YDragon Pipeline

It’s been a while Ryders, we do hope you’re all doing ok! While things have been a little quiet on the content front (although I hope you’ve been enjoying our YDragon Academy series on our social channels) there have been some developments behind the scenes.

We’ve seen a lot of volatility in the markets of late, it has been quite a negative period, and whilst I’m sure things will turn around, the current conditions will be holding a lot of investment back from the market. Unfortunately, no one knows the future and precisely which direction this knife edge will turn, and so a lot of you I’d imagine, are being a little cautious at the moment with your investment strategies.

You could almost argue that caution is at the centre of the YDragon ethos, after all, one of the golden rules of sensible investing is diversification, which is precisely what we do! However, even this will not be caution enough for a lot of investors out there, who will no doubt be hanging fire to see a little more bullish sentiment before pulling the trigger.

It is with all of the above in mind that we are going to be focussing much more on development over the next few months, little while markets turn and a little more hype develops around index investing in DeFi. Trading stocks and shares began a very long time before index investing took hold in traditional finance, so we have to assume a little time is needed before the same really takes off in DeFi! The big, big positive about this though is, YDragon will be not only ready for it, but ahead of the game!

What’s in the YDragon Pipeline

Over the next few months we will still be working away on a number of key areas within YDragon development.

As you all know, we have recently migrated to Avalanche, with the YDR token and AVX index both live on the network. This is soon to be followed by staking availability of both the YDR on the network, and the index token itself. This staking setup will nicely complete the laying of YDragon foundations within the AVAX network.

The next destination on our journey across the crypto space is none other than Polygon! As with our ventures in to our existing network positions, we’ll be laying the groundwork for YDragon construction in Polygon, bridging our token and launching our first Polygon index. This, as with our other networks, will be followed by the opening of staking opportunities of the YDR token and the YDragon Polygon index token.

There will be some interesting developments going on very much behind the scenes, involving updates to our smart contracts. This update involves the integration of multi-DEX support, effectively allowing us to choose which DEX an asset gets purchased from for the index. This will allow us to provide you with the best value available at any given time, meaning greater return on your investment.

The next phase of the upcoming develops will be another adventure across the chains, this time stopping off on rapidly rising Fantom. To save you reading it twice, we’ll be laying the foundations within Fantom as mentioned with Polygon, meaning the bridge, first index and token / index token staking.

Well, as you can see we’ve got lots to do and we want to be as fully prepared as possible for when things start to take off again, so we’ll get on with it and expand our suite of products, and you guys should keep an eye on our channels for further updates!

About YDragon

YDragon is a crypto index platform offering you a range of opportunities to own a diverse selection of the best performing and most promising cryptocurrencies with a single token. Armed with market-leading cross-chain capabilities and yield-generation opportunities, YDragon offers you a seamless, cross-chain, multi-asset experience.

Not only do investors gain diversified exposure to the best and brightest of what’s available on a selection of blockchains, they have the added luxury of benefiting from the most trusted and lucrative yield farming protocols around, ensuring optimum passive-income on your investment.

The YDragon protocol is actively working on expansion into multiple blockchains and ecosystems, to give our investors expertly selected exposure to as many diversified investment and passive-income opportunities as possible.

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