With Great Responsibility, Comes Great Power


MuseDAO is proudly building on the Juno Network, and Juno’s been in the news a little these past couple days for a silly reason: a bit of human error temporarily displaced $36 million dollars worth of JUNO token into the ether.

Eye-popping figures like that give people pause about crypto; it’s genuinely hard to imagine a world where we’re entrusted with and responsible for our own assets, our own resources, and aren’t being coddled (or protected, depending on your perspective) by the State and its innumerable firms and companies. But with great responsibility comes great power, and though we might wince over the new potential for these types of transactional errors, ultimately, it’s yet another harbinger of a new era of autonomy and empowerment.

We’ll need to be literate and thoughtful stewards of our sustaining resources in the next economy — and not outsource those responsibilities to bloated bureaucracies that charge an arm and a leg and then buy out politicians to keep the process dysfunctional.

This emerging reality will land with particular impact in the economies of traditional live music forms that have, for centuries, been utterly reliant on the largesse and the generosity of the haves. While legacy forms of patronage have been essential in keeping these art forms alive, they’ve also engendered this notion of “the helpless artist” who needs to be taken care of so they frictionlessly commune with the muses.

Whether the helpless artist archetype ever had any truth to it, it certainly doesn’t fit the bill here in the 21st century. Anyone who’s worked in any traditional live music industry can tell you the grit, the determination, the entrepreneurial panache, the relentless willingness to rethink and reinvent that the rising generation of musicians embody is something to behold.

Transformation is brewing, and it has been for decades. MuseDAO is one of the leading examples that aspires to align this cultural transformation with economic transformation. Now, musicians won’t be waiting for handouts from patrons, but rather, the two will be united in an integrated relationship, with artists at the center of value creation, and patrons benefitting as long as the cultural ecosystem of this art-form proliferates.

This immanent future is wildly exciting, but now’s a good time as ever to bone up on best practices to keep your crypto safe.