Why You Should Not Trust Crypto Gurus With Expensive Cars

Photo by Dylan Pirozek on Unsplash

You know those gurus who have tens of stories everyday on social media with their perfect lives, big houses, expensive cars, traveling every week, and living the dream.

These gurus are not only in crypto, but also in other niches like stocks, eCommerce, dating, personal development, etc.

These gurus tell you the story of how they hated their lives, how they worked in 9 to 5 job, and how they struggled, only to lure you into believing their bullshit.

In the end, they always end up in selling you an expensive course, through their webinars, in which they lure you even more, at which they worked so hard to complete.

At the end of each webinar or YouTube video or website, they always tell you to buy the course now at a lifetime discount that will expire in a short amount of time.

Their course, so they say, is what they wished they had in the beginning. Their course is unique in the world and you won’t find it anywhere.

These gurus always claim they are multi-millionaires, yet they never show you their portfolio. You never see them practice what they preach in real time.

What really pisses me off, is their false altruism through which they claim they want to help people through their courses.

Let’s pause for a second and think.

If you were a multi-millionaire in your niche, or even a millionaire, and had your niche figured out, why would you need to sell an expensive course?

I understand; you have found the secret to success and want to share it.

I understand; if you are good at something, don’t do it for free.

I don’t understand why you need to manipulate, lie, and steal people’s hard-earned money.

Everything in their rare and expensive courses is freely available online.

If you are truly a millionaire through your brilliant idea or business, you don’t need other people’s money. If you want to help people achieve what you achieved, do it for free, or for a small price anyone can afford.

The truth is, these gurus are millionaires because of fools like us. We are their business, and everything else is just manipulation and a pyramid scheme.

Their perfect lives on social media are a marketing scheme and psychological game to lure us into buying their secret to success and becoming successful quickly like they claim to be.

The truth is that we hate our lives and we are lazy; that is why we believe such non-sense.

Life is boring most of the time, and nothing can be achieved without discipline and time.

This is the real truth that does not sell and people refuse to believe. That’s why they chase fairy-tale stories.

Poor people will always act rich, and rich people will always act poor.

If you want to get rich in crypto, it won’t happen over night without research.

If you are not a person who gets excited when everything is in a blood bath, you definitely have a poor person’s mentality.

If you buy crypto, stocks, real estate, or what have you, only when everybody talks about it and the prices go up, you deserve to lose money. You are not investing, but gambling.

Yes, you can become rich in crypto, but you need to know what to buy and when to buy it. This takes patience, research, and discipline.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser and don’t recommend investing in anything as nothing is guaranteed. Everything I write on the topic is for informational and educational purposes only. Always do your research.

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