Why Some Ivy Leaguers Earn Five-Figure Incomes

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I didn’t go to any Ivy League school, but I did go to one of the top schools in my state at the time. For each degree I earned, I wanted to earn a minimum of 20k for each, which is how I landed one of my first technical roles at 70k several years ago after graduating.

The funny part: I could have earned closer to 80k-100k if I had been more skilled at negotiating at the time.

But it all worked out because I continued to escalate my salary relatively quickly.

The second funny part: None of my degrees were technical, but I still broke into the industry.

Some Ivy Leaguers Lack Confidence

I’ve been able to teach and work with people across the globe to get jobs in tech, which means I’ve come across my fair share of Ivy Leaguers.

Something common amongst [some of] them is that they are underpaid and don’t believe in themselves enough to earn more than a five-figure salary.

If you’re going to work hard enough to get into an Ivy League school and complete your degree program, why not ensure you work in a career that pays a minimum of six figures?

Many will ask me if they need to return to school and acquire another degree. And I quickly and frequently remind them you don’t need a degree in the tech world.

As I mentioned, I’m a non-ivy leaguer, but that didn’t steer me into setting low salary expectations.

Whether you went to an ivy league school, a non-ivy league school, or didn’t go at all, aim high and don’t settle.

But for those who decide to further their education, don’t waste your time and money by earning average dollars.

Four Things You Need To Get A Six Figure Career

  1. Self-Belief
  2. Confidence
  3. Willingness to learn new skillsets
  4. Expert communication skills in interviews

If you have these four things, you can pretty much go wherever you desire to go.

I never traditionally had all the right skills, but I acquired the ones I needed to place myself in the industries and roles I desired.

I didn’t have the luxury that Ivy League degrees provide, I didn’t have a technical background, I’m African-American, a female, and I’m not addicted to climbing the corporate ladder. Still, I know how to get six-figure roles.

You can do the same.

Don’t Climb Your Way Into Debt Without A Plan

Not everyone has the luxury of going to school for free. Most people collect student loans in exchange for a degree. Whether this is wise or not, it’s culture.

If you obtain student loans, plan how you will get out. I knew that I would not allow student loans to overtake my finances or budget.

Millions of students are climbing into debt with student loans without thinking ahead about how they plan to pay off all the student loans.

My plan? Acquire a six-figure tech role to help me acquire the money necessary to repay the student loans while also working on entrepreneurial ventures.

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