Why Programmers Need to Understand the Importance of Self Worth

  1. It’s your helplessness that they target
  2. One failure doesn’t mean you have failed forever
  3. Don’t underestimate yourself
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Last night, I went out to have dinner with my friend. He showed me mind-boggling news about how inflation has reached an all-time high value. He also shared that it will be very difficult for him to manage his personal finance if prices kept increasing.

I was shocked upon learning some other facts about his working life that he told me about. I think it's very natural for someone like me to tell him that “it’s enough” and that he should consider something else now.

My reaction was very sudden and unusual as I was not ready to digest the fact that things could have been that wrong with him.

It’s your helplessness that they target

Let me tell you something about my friend and what exactly he told me.

My friend and I were in the same college and both had some programming skills. I decided to pursue my job and he decided to start a start-up. He failed miserably after trying very hard for 1 year.

He later accepted a job in software development from a local software company due to depression and feeling like a failure.

After a long time, he told me that his boss haven’t raised a single penny in his salary. He was frustrated and prices were rising due to inflation.

I had no option but to tell him that he has had “enough”. Literally, he was earning only 40% of what average software developers were earning. But he was too scared to search for a new job and he needed money for his survival.

One failure doesn’t mean you have failed forever

My friend rejected a good job offer and decided to start a start-up — he failed. That doesn’t mean he is a failure for life.

He thinks he is a failure and deserves his low-paying job but I do know that his programming skills are very good and he deserves a good job.

I explained to him that he should try to search for a new job at weekends. I recommended he ask for referrals from a few of our friends working in a good software company. It won’t harm him to apply for a job with the relevant skills and experience that he has.

I told him he doesn’t need to work for a low-paying job and he hasn’t received a single appraisal since he joined the company. The company was not financially strong enough to pay its employees a decent salary but that should not be his concern.

He finally agreed to start job hunting on weekends and I am sure he will land a new job soon with a decent salary.

Don’t underestimate yourself

I have seen people working for a low salary because they believe that a new position with a good salary require additional skill that they can’t learn.

We live in the modern era. If you want to learn a new skill, there are hundreds of resources available online. If you think it’s hard, then you must believe in yourself first.

Learning a new skill for a new job isn’t that hard a thing to do. Many people think they can’t handle new technology but that’s not true. Give it your best shot.

Nobody can define your true limit and it’s only you who knows what you truly can achieve in your life. Never forget that:

You can achieve great things in your life, just believe in yourself.

That’s it. I hope this will motivate you and help you to achieve the next big thing in your life. Best of luck in your programming journey!

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