Why do Indians need to prioritize health?


Emergencies of all sorts arrive without an intimation. Of all the types, medical emergencies are pretty severe. Poor or rich, health is most valuable to each. A threat to it could put everything else to waste. Thus, when it comes to health, things get a little sensitive.

In the rising healthcare expenditure cost and complexities of health, the income has never been sufficient to solve the problems without making noise. Healthcare emergencies typically are more time-bound than others, like paying off medical bills or getting admitted to a hospital need payment in advance or at least on the same day.

In today’s world, it is critically important to do regular health check-ups to minimize the chances of such events and simultaneously build a kitty of savings or get a Mediclaim to pay off bills when needed.

Medical emergency loans are the best way out if both are not in place. Due to the time crunch, such Same Day Loan options now available online with PHOCKET solves the problem instantly.

Fintech and its rise in the recent years

FICCI & BCG estimates the potential of India’s fintech industry to touch USD 150–16 bn by 2025. The prospects are enormous. Let us understand what it is about:

Fintech is formed by two words — Financial and Technology. Traditionally, banks have been the single pillar of finance for the economy. With the rise in technology, the need for speed money, democratizing the process, and improving the process, fintech came in.

Basic examples could be the rise of digital payments, online banking and insurance, strengthened payment gateways, etc. are all fruits of this revolution.

While traditional banks remain gatekeepers and data managers, tech companies like Razorpay, Paytm, BBPS, PHOCKET, etc., are working in their fields to improve and fasten their functioning. With the rapid rise of emerging economies, financial inclusion is one key area for businesses and governments to achieve.

Fintech provides or facilitates payment for medical services

It is because of the fintech revolution only that you can get same-day loans and instant cash availability. PHOCKET could not have been there without the fintech infrastructure being readied already. There are many benefits that you get with same day loans:

No collateral:

Instant personal loans can be taken for emergency purposes like health, education, etc.

and It does not require any asset to be mortgaged. This boosts financial inclusion for the needy without the fear

Instant disbursal:

We are not talking about hours compared to days at the bank. Medical Emergency Loans can be processed within minutes of applying from your mobile phone.

Attractive ROI:

The startup culture and tech revolution are not focused on exploiting clients. The pricing is a demand-supply mechanism derivative minus offers given by startups for adoption

Minimum eligibility criteria:

Do not worry about having a 750 cibil loan score as instant loan companies have their own basic set of criteria.

Thus, know that when in the problem of finance and instant cash is all you need, PHOCKET is the best option. Besides, take care of your health and stay fit!