Who is Degens Only?


Web3 can be overwhelming to understand for anybody. There is a new language, new markets and new psychology to understand here. I know for all of us, when we first entered this space, we knew we wanted to just get started somehow but felt a little paralyzed by information overload. That’s why we are sharing our experience, lessons learned and the craft that we have honed with all of you.

The founders consist of a team of 3; @nftbanditeth, @paddyathia and @Grove_x3. We all collectively have a substantial amount of time trading in this space. We had no handouts and were granted no backdoor access. All we had was each other and guess how it started? A reply to a tweet. That’s how easy it is to make life-long connections in this space. We all had a curiosity for the new tech in front of us and its applications. The Degens Only brand was born from a genuine desire to provide transparent information about what really goes on in this space; stripping away all of the bias, bullshit, the overwhelming amount of content and providing you with unbiased and consistent updates.

As a new investor in Web3, you are going to have to find your own path and your own style (that’s the fun part by the way). We are here to help you do so by providing up-to-date news, resources for trading, interviews and insights with some of the most influential and creative people in this space. We’ll also be dropping the alpha on some of the tricks and tools we have picked up along our own journey here. There is no hidden agenda or ulterior motive. We just want to build cool shit.

Our end goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all things web3. Our 3 pillars are art, news and education. Digging through multiple social media pages and websites to stay informed can be time consuming and in a space that moves at a million miles an hour, nobody has the time for that. Being aware of the top tools and resources that successful traders use is also really important to give you an edge and you’ll find all of those on our site. We’ll have multiple resources like a book we are in the process of writing which will serve as a newcomer’s guide to NFTs, a weekly newsletter, a blog where we will be posting the bulk of our content and a podcast so we can chop it up with some really dope people. On top of that, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on creators, artists and others in this space who share our passion for the art and technology that rules Web3.

Excited doesn’t begin to cover how we feel about Degens Only and this journey we’re on with all of you degens. The dream is to cultivate a space in which we are providing you with unbiased, transparent information about Web3 at your fingertips. At the end of the day, this is a community driven endeavor and will be a collaborative effort from all sides. We can’t wait to meet you and talk about what we can build together.

- Degens Only