Who Else Wants to DCA With Bitcoin Like Michael J. Saylor? Here Are the 4 Essential Rules To Follow


1. DCA purchase no matter what

After embracing the Bitcoin revolution, Michael J. Saylor was quick to say that he had no intention of selling the BTC units purchased by MicroStrategy. His strategy has always been long-term oriented. He immediately redefined his time horizon to take full advantage of the Bitcoin revolution.

Once you make that choice, you can make DCA purchases no matter what. For example, Michael J. Saylor buys Bitcoin with MicroStrategy without even considering the short-term price. That’s how he was able to buy BTC several times at the ATH level, just as he did in subsequent dips.

He is convinced of the inevitable success of Bitcoin in the future, and so he sees no reason not to buy Bitcoin as soon as MicroStrategy has some cash to protect from inflation. He doesn’t fall into the trap of procrastination like some who always wait for the price of Bitcoin to fall lower before buying.

2. Take advantage of dips to accumulate more BTC

When the price of Bitcoin corrects or crashes, as it has since the November 2021 ATH, Michael J. Saylor does not panic. He explains that his strategy with Bitcoin does not depend on its short-term price, but rather on the guarantees that the Bitcoin protocol offers to its users.

Michael J. Saylor sees every dip as an opportunity to accumulate more BTC. The BTC purchases he was able to make in June 2021 or January 2022 fit perfectly into this view. He can buy more BTC than expected during these dip periods to take advantage.

However, Michael J. Saylor never makes the mistake of trying to time the market. He buys when he thinks the dip warrants a larger purchase, but if the price of Bitcoin continues to fall, it doesn’t affect his view.

3. Don’t worry about the price of Bitcoin after a purchase

Michael J. Saylor buys Bitcoin without thinking about what will happen next in the short term. Thus, he never worries about the price of Bitcoin after a DCA purchase. The price may go down or up, Michael J. Saylor continues to stay the course with his long-term vision. He knows that Bitcoin’s goals are long-term.

Whether he bought Bitcoin at $38K or $35K won’t make much difference in 10 or 15 years. Many think this is wrong, but given the phenomenal upside potential of Bitcoin’s price for the future, it will make little difference in reality. You’ll have just a little more or a little less, but not in a way that will change your life as much as if you hadn’t taken the Bitcoin opportunity.

4. Taking the long view allows you to implement a DCA strategy effectively

A DCA buying strategy with Bitcoin is most effective when you can take a long-term view, beyond 10 years. This will allow you to HODL Bitcoin no matter what for at least two full Bitcoin market cycles. This is what gives Michael J. Saylor such confidence. Indeed, even if the price of Bitcoin falls after a MicroStrategy purchase, he is confident that its price will rise again afterward.

It’s just a matter of time and patience. With Bitcoin, patience is always rewarded. It’s up to you to be as patient as Michael J. Saylor to take full advantage of Bitcoin in the future.