Who created PRX Metaverse?


Our team is committed to pushing the blockchain industry in Thailand and beyond to new heights. Meet the c-levels behind PRX metaverse, who come from various backgrounds and have a wide range of talents.

Petch Boonvong — CEO

Petch Boonvong is a Mechatronic Engineer with extensive experience. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom. In addition, his extensive experience in programming and digital marketing in Thailand and overseas has aided him in running two successful businesses (p&p service solution and Eazy optimize). He also has expertises in software engineering and 3D modeling in blockchain and cryptocurrency mining.

Pattawee Vittayakoon — CTO

Pattawee Vittayakoon is a crypto enthusiast and software engineer. PRX projects will benefit from his knowledge of blockchain and smart contracts. He is the founder of the NFT boxers project with Lumpinee (a well-known Thai boxing venue), a blockchain consultant for numerous institutions and sectors, such as Jetsada Hospital and Feels Telecom Corporation. He also worked on a Wordtech initiative with Bitkub (Thailand’s top digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange platform) to teach and promote the awareness of technology (AI, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, and Blockchain) to the next generation.

Keattisak Keeratiyakonsakul — COO

Keattisak Keeratiyakonsakul is an accomplished entrepreneur with successful experience in digital business. Having an MBA degree from a Thailand leading university such as Assumption University (ABAC), He has been an entrepreneur and also possessed a high rank in the management team in many successful companies such as KPN Motor group and CarFinn.

For the success of our project and community, our team is willing to learn and adapt to market conditions. We are grateful to all of our partners and team members for their trust, and we will continue to keep our community informed about upcoming events and developments.

“ Merging Real World with Virtual Experience ”

The PRX metaverse is inspired by London, England’s capital. The Thames canal, which carries water over the island, goes across the center of the city, and London has many historic architectural landmarks more than any other city in the world, with approximately 2,000 years of history. As a result, the PRX Metaverse will implement some of these amazing structures and architecture, including many well-known London landmarks such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.

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