Which Money Phase Are You In?


I want to explain the money phases and their impact on our attitudes, ideas, and beliefs about money.

Our money phases differ from our age.

You may still have childhood money tendencies well into adulthood, and unless you intervene, they will not change.

You started making financial decisions earlier than you should, earned money before you knew how to manage money, and consequences of poor decisions increase with every action.

Unfortunately, you never could understand the relationship between the money phases to overcome money fears.

The money story has a certain structure; people experience three money phases over their lifetime and it’s important you know what they are.

The phases of money are:

· Understanding money

· Responsibility of money

· Financial Empowerment

We go through the first two phases as a matter of necessity. However, the third phase is where I see people in need of the most help. That’s where I want help.

Understanding Money

The first phase is the understanding money; this occurs in childhood, and unless changed proactively, can be limiting. An understanding of money requires transforming beliefs and habits into financial behaviors that are sustainable.

Responsibility of Money

The second phase is the responsibility of money; earning and spending money while operating within constraints. During this phase, you are testing how much you can make, your income potential and establishing a comfortable lifestyle.

However, the third is the most crucial; a choice between money-death and rebirth, where you must make a conscious choice towards financial freedom.

Financial Empowerment

The third money phase is how you align, relying on someone or something else for financial concerns, or seeking financial freedom, and adjusting your mindset to a value creator.

You may feel you’re at the end of your story. That wealth is not possible and your resigned to the lifestyle you have whether you enjoy it.

This is where a money wound will reveal itself.

As you enter this phase, you are at a money low point. The opportunity for career growth has stagnated. You work twice as hard for half the results.

You can ride off into the sunset or change the generational money curses.

Guide for the Third Money Phase

You have been wearing a money mask, a representation of how you should react and behave towards money that conflicts with your authentic relationship with money.

To remove this mask, think differently.

You can choose dependence on something else or depending on yourself. It is easier to integrate, lick your wounds, grieve for different outcomes, and succumb to reality.

Or you change.

Accept the person you are.

Your challenge is to decide whether you will now accept the call to shed your mask.

Understand that you are in a battle between what you were EXPECTING and what is HAPPENING.

Here’s a truth that has been blind to you;

Financial freedom is easier, you are more prepared, and the blocks are easier to overcome than you think.

Either you accept the limitations of money concepts and resources or you fill in the gaps with information you know will help you.

Start a journey of transformation.

Shed your money mask.

The secret is the budgets, calculators, resources work.

You have money wounds that have never healed.

Until and unless you get this breakthrough, the tools will not work.

The first step is to understand your current money psychology so that you can rewire your mindset to make you magnetic to opportunity, money, and wealth.

The Money Mask quiz is a simple tool to understand money psychology and attitudes towards money and allows for a customized path to wealth building.

What’s your money mask? Take the quiz here: https://georgeblount.com/money-mask-quiz/


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