When Yachting met DAOs: Building Collective Yacht Ownership.


This article is an extension of our Genesis article. Make sure to read it to learn more about us! For more, join us on Discord.

Yachting has long been one of the greatest symbols of wealth and status. At Knot DAO, we aim to challenge this assumption in practice. DAOs enable small financial contributions by people to snowball and achieve wonders.

⛵ Long story short, our objective is to try funding the acquisition of yachts (motor and sailing), and reap the benefits of putting them to work through an existing network of maritime partners. In essence, our end goal is for our members to hold part of our (real world) yacht assets and of their cashflows. No worries, we will not be missing on the opportunity to use our yachts for events and non-metaverse experiences.

💻 Currently, our smart contracts are being run on the testnet. As soon as tests are completed (with respect to our roadmap-to be published over coming 2 weeks), we will launch our membership NFTs. Different cost categories will lower the barrier of entry to KnotDAO. Thus, no massive investment will be required to join. Regardless, joining our community on Discord is free!

🦹‍♀️ Our value is greater than the sum of our assets. It lays in our community. We utilize collective intelligence, existing partner networks and yachting expertise — among other — to add personal development and education on top of income. As strange as it may sound, we know how to operate yachts, what’s missing from the puzzle is YOU (and the exact legal framework but we’re working on that)! Participation is what scales a sailing boat to an LNG tanker!

“The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters” — Antonio Gramsci

👺 In an ecosystem full of scams and destructive greedy profit, we eponymously design a real utility DAO that aims to bridge the crypto and tangible economy. An actual community that earns its wealth in a well-deserved manner.

📚 For that reason, we rely on in-house legal research which focuses on how to better enable us to become a legal entity. Not only will this grant us the ability to seamlessly exchange currencies, but to also sign contracts with maritime companies (fleet and clientele management) — making the best out of both the crypto and traditional economic systems.

🔮 Financial maturity forms our core. Created by people who are operating yachts, we don’t make superficial promises. Minimal risk, (yachts are insured), crypto portfolio diversification (yachts tend to not be affected by ETH & BTC price), and income stability are the real deal for us.

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Links/Resources: https://linktr.ee/knot_dao


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