“ When Religion And Economic Copycats Are At Work”


“ When Religion And Economic Copycats Are At Work”

When you turn your attention to the incidents, what comes to mind is nothing but copycats. A case of overfeeding and idleness.

The year is not even half yet and records are being smashed here and there in Nigeria. The crime is even noticeable of the trend the crimes have taken. At times I struggles to admit that it might not be ordinary. Diabolism might be having a field day in the world these days. A kind of virus that is spreading unchecked all over.

If you think that the perpetrators are playing God or trying to bring his word to fruition by force on the way they play with fire unchecked these days.

Only five months into the year yet the number of people that have left this planet through gun or burning have no rival in any record in pass decade and more might follow.

Can you guess the number of people that have left this planet this year alone through gun related incidents in America alone and number that have left in Nigeria through the same gun, bomb and fire under five months?--- forget the war in Ukraine.

Checkout few:

•Student brutally killed and set on fire in Sokoto for blasphemy
•man burn wife, brother-in-law in Lagos
•17 burn to death in Kano fire
•Police arrest man for killing and burning one month old daughter
•17 burnt to death in fire as tanker catches fire
•120 roast to death in Ikorodu factory fire
•Death toll hits 154 following attacks in central Nigeria
•200 killed by bandits in Zamfara state
•Over 100 killed in explosion in illegal oil refinery
•Many burnt beyond recognition in Imo illegal refinery
•Sound Engineer burnt to death over 100 naira change in Lagos.

These are few selected for this article. Do the calculation and tell me even in era of bush man and cave man, whether death told is in this figure we are witnessing it now over issues that doesn’t deserve slap let alone burning.

Imagine killing your course mate under flimsy excuse of blasphemy in 21st century Nigeria.

Arabs that kill for Allah and Mohammed at least chose to die with their victims but not these bastards here that kept mimicking half heartedly Arab way of life. Over here, they would kill Christians for Allah, steal their possession for Allah, burn you for Allah.

Just for airing her view on those posting religious Article in their department WhatsApp instead of course works, Deborah punishment is death and burning.

Squabbles started in the department, staffs was alerted instead of sending her to their office or staff room, they sent her to security post with two security men with baton. I would not be surprised to learn that it was staffs that ordered her killing.

Why should any sound mind be.

When you wants to imitate, imitate well. Kill the infidels and kill your self. Kill the blasphemer and kill your self. Donate your life too that is what soldier of Allah do in Arab world.

They die for Allah, die for their belief, die for their school incompetency, die for their tribe.

When you wants to copycat, copy the fattest cat and when you are called a copycat once, you answer twice. I am not sure Allah would acknowledge a soldier with a fearful heart.

You might ask why another WhatsApp group is not created for religious posting. Why must Deborah die for three minutes work?

How long does it take to open WhatsApp account?

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