What’s Your Strategy For Trading Crypto And Stocks?


Since No One Controls the Crypto Market, What’s Your Trading Strategy?

Frankly speaking, without an investment strategy you will end up losing most of your funds, especially when you are given to FUD (fear, uncertainty doubt) and FOMO (fear of missing out)

There are loads of investment strategies and here is one efficient method you can use to have a beneficial ride.

1. Long term for visionary projects like bitcoin, ethereum, solana, cardano, etc.

As much as this strategy looks legit, always leverage on opportunities!

what goes up comes down so, learn to let go and come back another day. This means that when there is a major bull run, learn to take profits for greater investment in bearish seasons. After all, he who fights and runs lives for the next fight.

2. Dollar Cost Averaging... Don’t go all in especially when you lack funds. Invest bits in dipping proportions just like we had in December and January. spend small portions to buy each dip.

3. Don’t be deceived! That the market isn’t controlled doesn’t mean that investors can’t be manipulated.

Learn to stay on top of your game by following great influencers like elonmusk of tesla, Amazon Executives, Twitter Influencers including founders and executives, mark Zuckerberg of facebook (meta), etc.

Also, register for digests from great blogs like Cointelegraph as they have a large follower base. The reason for this stems from the fact that news play a major role in this industry of ours. It is called fundamentals and it quickly flips the market to any position (bearish or bullish)

It enables you to see things yourself as well as maintain a step ahead of other investors. Though technical analysis helps in risk management, it’s the news that creates the chart as charts are formed from general market sentiments.

From this, you should know when to be a great diver and when to sit on the boat.

Also, technical analysis is simply using the past to predict future movements, it doesn’t always come through.

What’s your strategy? Share in the comment section below let’s discuss…

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