What The Heck Is Happening With BNBMiner.finance?

  1. Foot-Traffic Research
818,190,000 Miners can’t be wrong…BNBMiner seen in Dam Square, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The social media phenomenon surrounding BNBMiner.finance continues to keep it the longest running crypto pocket-change miner platform.

BNBMiner may be the first perpetual-motion pocket-change miner machine.

You’ve heard of, read about & probably have the screensaver for the BNBMiner.finance dApp by now. It’s the pocket-change miner return-on-investment platform that’s been running longer than any other protocol, providing a daily return of ~3% for almost a year-&-a-half now.

Ultimately return-on-our-initial-investment — then multiplying those returns by a few times — is the goal for all of us. I’m always more than thrilled when I can double my ROI…Sustainability & longevity are what ROI pocket-change miners have been striving for since the beginning.

And BNBMiner seems to be checking all of those boxes…

You can see in the chart above that this spring, when the crypto economy — & the Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500 & other economic indicators — came crashing down, so did the efficacy of the BNBMiner — by May 20th, the chart showed indications that the Longest-Running Miner’s contract was finally in a downward spiral, sadly skimming along the edge of the horizon, like we’ve seen happen to so many other pocket-change miners.

I began my BNBMiner investment journey a month earlier & had been happy with the results. I hadn’t gotten my initial investment back yet, so the protocol winding down was pretty frustrating.

But then something happened…

Articles about BNBMiner appeared, ads for BNBMiner sprouted up on other miner-protocols, BNBMiner lit up all the socials & still does. The casual yet deliberate conversations around BNBMiner were a well-organized drip campaign, & are spreading still. YouTube videos, TikTok bits, comedy stand-up routines — the devs for the protocol had cranked the influence marketing into overtime. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve watched this miner almost daily, checking out the analytics & foot-traffic-spreadsheets. Looking at the current stats today, the miner has just came off it’s All Time High.

Foot-Traffic Research

I chose a random time to research the foot-trafic: perusing the charts under the Transactions tab at BscScan, I counted 160 new addresses, contributing over $17,000, during a 5-hour, early-morning July 6th timeframe. That’s 160 new investors beginning their BNBMiner experiences during those hours, each starting with an average of $106.25. That’s pretty cool.

Many of those new investors contributed an awful lot more than the $106.25 average. Below is a highly condensed chart from during the 5-hour sampling, showing some of the larger contributions. The amount of income flowing into the platform speaks a lot about the project— see below.

A condensed snapshot sampling from the Binance blockchain, shows new investors locking funds into BNBMiner.finance & how much they invested, during an early-morning 5-hour monitoring period July 6th. One insomniac invested 12bnb into the project — equivalent to $2854 at the time — twice…

I’m continually excited about BNBMine.finance. It took me 9 weeks, or 62 days, to get my initial investment back. Once I hit ROI, I felt like giving back to the protocol, & to myself, so I compounded for two weeks in celebration. Then I opened a referral Buddy account from a second wallet. hehe…I usually play by the rules. Thx for reading…

Clicking on the strip of BNBMiner.finance above, will link to the pocket-change investment site.

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My Buddy draws on everything! I call them his Ledger Series. The image below are two BNBMiners on their day off…

Two BNBMiners…