What the FORK is going on?


Starting your journey in the crypto space is like stepping into a hot kitchen. There are so many pots boiling that you don’t know what to stir first or what ingredients will give you the tastiest outcome. Plus, if you add a pinch of inexperience and a dash of uncertainty, you’ll likely get burnt too!

Bake-House Logo 2022

Why are there so many Baked Beans Forks?

The Bake House Team have, over the last 6 months, proved themselves to be trustworthy leaders in the crypto field. They are open and honest with their projects and the regular AMAs within the Telegram chat are not to be missed. Transparency in the smoke and heat of the online crypto space is a refreshing change and certainly favours the newbie.

Once it gained traction early this year Baked Beans became phenomenally successful, very quickly! This created a buzz so big that within a matter of weeks around 40+ new forks had been released copying the Baked Beans contract, or so we were led to believe….

You see smart chain contracts are not hidden, they can be viewed by the public and can therefore be copied, however this is generally done with bad intentions. In the case of Baked Beans, that had seen such success, simply marketing a new miner with a different catchy name, and claiming it was a Baked Beans fork was a clever ploy that drew the crowds.

Unfortunately, what can be omitted from these contracts or added in, often leads to rug pulls from scammers and unless you know how to read smart contracts or know/trust the developers behind them you will fall victim and be out of pocket.

Don’t fall victim to crypto scams

So why was the Baked Beans contract the perfect target?

Let us delve into why so many forks of the Baked Beans miner were created and why the original will keep you feeling fuller for longer with passive rewards.

· Simple

· Popularity

· Trust

· Sustainability

Simple — Whether you are an expert or newbie in crypto a simple idea is always going to be the best idea. Not making your investors jump through hoops before they receive rewards and see the project working will always be welcomed.

A quick 3 step process no longer than 10 minutes and you can be earning with Baked Beans, no previous experience needed. This was the perfect draw for the forked projects because people like to keep it simple.

Popularity — The huge success of Baked Beans meant that the marketing and hype had already been created regarding how this contract worked. Anyone that created a fork, therefore, did not have to worry about spending money on marketing and could simply attract people by using the Baked Beans name that had already done the groundwork.

The flip side of this is that most of these forks will either not have or have no intention of ever building a marketing budget to sustain their projects which will lead to failure in a short amount of time.

Trust — The Bake House developers and team have built up a huge amount of trust with their community thanks to their genuine desire to change people’s lives. This is great for Baked Beans and other projects the team have/will release but it can also blindside investors into trusting forked projects that make false claims about being linked in some way.

False claims of being linked to other crypto projects can cause uncertainty.

Sustainability — For me, the biggest advantage of the Baked Beans contract is the Anti-Whale Mechanism but also the golden ticket for people wanting to exploit unsuspecting investors.

Like I mentioned before the Baked beans contract can and has been copied by over 40+ forked projects however, where the Baked Beans contract is immutable and can NOT be changed this is not guaranteed with any copies.

A simple change of script that only an expert eye would notice could mean that one of the key elements is removed and your hard-earned cash can be swiped from under you at any given moment.

Why Baked Beans will be the last man standing!

The developers behind the Bake House are experienced in crypto and understand what is needed to make their project a success. Of course, this would be nothing without honesty, passion and drive which presents itself in every communication put out.

There is transparency around how the minimal 3% dev fee is used and this includes a portion being allocated to marketing. This last week has seen a huge campaign being launched in South Asia with approval for billboard advertising in Malaysia and much more to come.

The Anti-Whale mechanism is working exactly how it was advertised to work and the decline of the contract is slowing. This proves the sustainability of the Baked Beans project in many ways and again strengthens the trust that is being built.

It has always been made clear from the very beginning that rewards would be given at up to 8% a day but depending on many factors could dip to as low as 1%. This feature, which again is tied into the Anti-Whale mechanism, ensures sustainability and long-term passive rewards for everyone.

Even at 1% a day your investment would be growing by 365% a year!

It’s clear to me that Baked Beans will still be standing after all the forks have clattered to the floor. Not only because of their laid-out plans but why would you choose a copy when you can enjoy an original superior brand?