What makes CRED a Billion dollar company ?

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What is Cred?

Cred is an Indian start-up company serving its customers through a mobile application. Cred has created a niche as it targets only credit card users. The Cred App helps its users to pay their credit card bills on time and receive rewards for their creditworthiness as its tagline says, “Pay your credit card bills and receive rewards.” It allows the users to manage all the credit cards and pay the bills using them in one place. It does the following to serve the user:

  • Manage all credit cards.
  • Monitor’s the spending of users.
  • Gives Reminders and Notifies about payments.
  • Give rewards and offers on credit cards.

Launch of Cred

Cred App was launched in April 2018 by Kunal Shah, who is the former founder of Freecharge. It is a fintech unicorn startup based out of Bengaluru and values at 2.2 Billion Dollars. After selling Freecharge in 2015, Kunal Shah was looking for a new idea, and soon he found one. The new idea was Cred which brought a credit revolution.

Cofounder :-Kunal Shah

Shah’s purpose for launching Cred was to give something better to the creditworthy individuals and help them to pay the right amount of bills with zero additional charges. Today Cred is making the life of Credit cardholders easier than it was before.

Cred Marketing Strategy

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a strategy that most marketers use to promote their brand at a greater level to large audiences. Promoting the brand at various events and getting event sponsorships is an effective marketing strategy which works very well.

Many marketers associate their brand with several events for promotional campaigns. But, Cred gave its heart and soul to one event, which is the Indian Premier League (IPL). Also, most of you won’t deny the fact that if you know that Cred App exists, the reason is you saw its ads and promotions in IPL.

Cred’s event marketing strategy defines that your brand does not need to run for sponsorships for various events because you can make the most of a single event at your best. Cred is under a three-year deal with IPL and debuted in IPL 2020.

Cred Power Play

During the IPL tournament in 2020, Cred launched a campaign where it was offering up to 100% cash back to users who would pay their bill amount on the Cred app. Although, the offer chose one lucky user who gets 100% cash back for the payment. There was no minimum limit of payment to avail of the offer, and any amount was eligible for the offer.
In addition to this, Cred organized various social media contests, advertisements, and marketing campaigns during IPL and gained a lot of brand exposure.

Content Marketing

Cred comes from the field of finance, and it is a topic that needs thorough understanding. Not everyone understands financial topics and how the credit system works. But Cred is a responsible brand that does its part in educating Indians about finance.

Cred’s content marketing strategy includes blogs and youtube videos related to financial topics. Cred’s official website publishes blogs related to general finance topics and credit cards. In addition to this, Cred has a youtube channel it has On the Money series that explains how IPL earns money and other finance-related content. So, Cred serves the customer with content that its target users crave.

Viral Marketing

Cred marketing strategy deserves an applaud on its viral marketing. Cred knows how to get viral. There is not just one but many cases when Cred’s ads and viral stunts got them trending.

The “Indranagar ka Gunda” ad

Click the link and check out the video


During IPL 2021, Cred launched The Great for the Good ad campaign and released various ads. Cred released an ad showcasing Rahul Dravid in a never-seen left audience amazed. In the advertisement, Rahul Dravid is furious at a traffic jam. He is yelling and raging, which is the opposite of his real personality, of course. The ad implies that it sounds ridiculous that one can receive rewards when they pay credit card bills using Cred App; it’s like saying Rahul Dravid has anger issues. The ad was top trending on Twitter.

Cake from Cred

Another brilliant viral move by Cred was in 2019 when it sent out cakes for customer acquisition. Cred sent cakes to existing users in their workplaces. Getting a cake made the colleagues ask, “Who sent you this cake?”, The answer was Cred, and the reason was that they pay their credit card bills on Cred. This move enticed the office colleagues to install the app and start using it for credit card payments. What a move!

Giveaways & contests

Cred knows how to attract target users on its platform exactly. Cred runs various contests and giveaways and offers exciting gifts and rewards to customers. The best feeling for a customer is getting a reward, and Cred, in return, asks for two things, install the Cred App, and pay your credit card bills.

Cred’s Mega Jackpot Week during IPL 2021 was as grand as its name suggests. Cred gave away seven rewards that consist of Harley Davidson, Fat Boys, iPhones for a decade, free flights for five years, Gold, TATA Safari, Bitcoin, and a complete homemaker. Well, that was indeed a Mega Jackpot. These rewards can excite everyone, and who would not want to get these amazing rewards.

TV ads

It is another point that showcases how Cred opts for the right place to advertise for the right customers. Social media and other online platforms are for the Millenials and Gen Z fr advertising. Generation Y loves their idiot boxes and if you want to advertise your product to them, create a television commercial. Cred marketing strategy includes Television advertisements. In 2019, the Cred app was ad campaign launched featuring Jim Sarbh, where he introduced the users to the Cred App and explained its benefits.

Cred in 2020 launched 6 different television commercials starring Madhuri Dixit, Govinda, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Bappi Lahiri, and Anil Kapoor. The result was a success as it made a 700% increase in Cred App Downloads.

Endorsements by Famous personalities (90s)

A brand has to understand who are its target customers and how to pitch them. Cred gets its brand endorsed by the celebrities with whom tits target users can connect. We have discussed that the target of Cred is Generation Y, and that’s why Cred chooses the popular celebrities from the 90s to promote their brand.

In 2019 the brand released various ads featuring the veteran Bollywood celebs Govinda, Bappi Lahiri, Madhuri Dixit, and Anil Kapoor. It showcased comically that how brands are obsessed with celebrity advertising. Now all these celebs are famous and come from the 90s era.

Even the ad campaign that Cred launched during IPL showcased the veteran cricketers Venkatesh Prasad, Maninder Singh, Javagal Srinath, and Saba Karim. Cred marketing strategy does well when it comes to connecting with target customers.

Emotional Appeal in marketing

Emotional appeal in advertising works wonders. It can do something good for society and also brings success for the brand. Cred used an emotional appeal in one of its campaigns, and the result was great. Cred partnered with Bhumi and GiveIndia and launched a program to plant 500,000 trees. To plant the tree, the users can log in to Cred App and pick the number of trees they want to contribute.

The campaign got an amazing response. In a Tweet, Kunal Shah revealed that they were able to achieve 87% of their goal with the help of Cred users. This kind of appeal works for a brand and can sell because that lies behind the campaign.

Twitter Marketing

Supporting tweets from other brands

A brand that promotes itself on social media is good, but another brand promoting your brand on social media is great. Cred utilizes the Twitter platform to promote its brand and get itself promoted by other brands too. Brands like Amul, Zomato, MPL, and Zostel’s tweets on the viral ad featuring Rahul Dravid gave Cred more brand coverage. When such a popular brand used Cred’s viral content, it also gave Cred more brand visibility.

Owner’s marketing

Kunal Shah uses the Twitter platform for personal branding, and it helped him in gaining customers’ trust. Today when we hear about Kunal Shah, we associate him with Cred. That’s how personal branding makes the owner and the brand synonymous. Kunal Shah tweets on different financial topics, take part in current discussions, and shares his personal views on the startup community. This is called the Optimum utilization of Twitter.


Cred marketing strategy is so much engaging. If a marketing strategy can engage its target customers, then it will give in best result. Cred engages its customer by creating consumable and entertaining content, exciting contests and offers, television ads, and viral content. Cred masters in getting the attention of its customers. That’s the reason today a 4 years old brand is known for and all because of its marketing strategy.

Cred’s success credit goes to its engaging marketing strategy. Create a marketing strategy that engages your audiences and turns them into customers.

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