What is MyCoin?


MyCoin is an Open-Source application, which offers users both, a free-to-use mock crypto exchange as well as a Web3 Academy, which would teach critical skills for investing in the crypto space and how to interact with the Blockchain. We want to create a place where users can safely learn to invest without the risk of losing their hard-earned assets. To facilitate safe learning, the MyCoin trading function will grant users $10,000 in paper currency to use on the platform. In addition, MyCoin will also offer an Academy where users can learn trading strategies and web development. The combination of educational materials and a no-risk platform on which to apply them is central to our mission of providing essential knowledge and skills education in the space at no charge. The more users know, the safer Web3 will be. Though the basics and essentials will not be behind a paywall, users who elect to continue learning about the space can pay a small subscription (ex: $10/month), which will support the platform and its mission and unlock extra features in both the Trading and Academy spaces.

Unpaid access in Trading, supported in part by advertisements, allows users to simulate trades of the top 100 Crypto assets. The complementary lessons in the Academy will acclimate new users to Web 3 with courses such as, “What is Ethereum and Blockchain Technology?” and “Trading Strategies 101.” The paid plan will give users access to all coins listed by CoinGecko in the Trading feature, as well as remove ads from the platform. Users who pay for the subscription will also unlock a secured Discord server, which will verify each user’s account through the MyCoin API. There, subscribers will have access to support channels, in which they can ask for help on any topic related to trading and EVM Development.

The MyCoin Academy’s free curriculum will include introductory courses, including but not limited to those mentioned above, which aim to increase awareness, safety, and competency in the Web3 space through knowledge-based content. The paid Academy will unlock advanced, skills-based courses such as minting an ERC20 token, Smart Contract security and advanced trading strategies. The small subscription price will facilitate hosting, presentations by guest speakers, and expert panels which would address pressing Web3 issues within and around the Web3 ecosystem. After completing a course, users will receive a certificate that can be presented on a resume, as well as an NFT as proof of competency and course-completion. The NFT will also unlock the possibility to be a verified tutor in the Discord. With this kind of functionality, the Academy is designed to build a self-sustaining, helpful community that, by supporting itself, will prepare users to support and build on the Ethereum Network.