What is a DAO and how can it help you navigate through a recession?

  1. Crowdsourcing startup acquisitions -
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Andreessen Horowitz has released an amazing report covering all aspects of the crypto world. They made it so easy for me to explain how DAOs operate, so I’m grateful. Please check out these three slides.

At https://dao.crowdsource.org/, we’re finding and vetting potentially profitable startup acquisition deals for the members of our investment club.

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As of May 12th, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) have accumulated more than $10 billion. (Source: https://deepdao.io/)

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An investment club is a group of people who pool their capital and make investments together.

  • Up to 99 members (individuals)
  • All members must actively participate in investment decisions
  • No performance fees (aka carry)
  • No public solicitation (please don’t share the links to purchase tokens)
  • Must not make, nor propose to make, a public offering of its securities
  • If investing in startup equity, members must be accredited
  • No transferability
  • Responsible for following laws and tax obligations

So this is a tight-knit community where we perform KYC (Know Your Customer) checks to make sure the sources of our club’s funds are legitimate. And we encourage you to consult with your own legal and tax counsel for your specific jurisdiction(s) and circumstances.

We’re issuing a token for every startup we acquire and distributing dividends to members on the blockchain.

It might sound too complicated, but thanks to crowdsourced governance tools (we’re using syndicate.io as the platform provider), it’s simpler and more transparent than traditional investments.

Going back to the initial question:

How can this investment club help you during a recession?

Every startup we acquire has monthly recurring revenue that translates into monthly dividend payments -given that the startup is profitable-.

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