What a day in the Stock Market Actually looks like

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Stock Market

Photo by Karine Germain on Unsplash

I am sure that you have seen people on TikTok showing how easy the life of a day trader in the stock market is.

Wake up in your mansion, drive with your Lamborghini to a gym, and go swimming in your private pool. All of this while making thousands of dollars.

That’s all baloney, I’m going to show you what a real day in the stock market looks like. Buckle up.

The market opens. I just saw that the Nasdaq crashed 2%. This might not seem much but if the Nasdaq is down 2%, Tesla will be down a lot more.

Just saw that Tesla is officially down 5%. What a wonderful day. And if you think this is only the beginning, it’s not.

It’s the evening, the stock market is about the close. I open up my computer and see a whole bloodbath. My whole computer screen is filled with red percentages.

The Nasdaq is down 4.2% to its lowest level of the year, Tesla is down 10%. What a wonderful life, right?

Let’s talk about the extreme losers.

Palantir, a company providing cyber security to the US government reported tremendous, uh, tremendously bad earnings. Result:

  • -20% today, my life is great

You know that it’s bad when Affirm, a company worth $5B is down 17% today, and in after hours, it’s down another 10%. Great.

Of all the assets, Bitcoin performed the best today. It’s only down 7%.

While I was writing this article in the evening, Upstart Holdings, a company that uses artificial intelligence in order to give you a loan reported its quarterly earnings. This is the result:

Upstart: -40% in 2 minutes

Note: Upstart has crashed, even more, it’s now down 60% in one day.

These are the companies that performed the worst today:

  • Palantir: -21%
  • Rivian: -20%
  • Coinbase: -19%
  • Gevo: -19%

I am just getting started…

  • Spire Global: -19%
  • Cardano: -18%
  • Affirm: -17%
  • Bakkt Holding: -17%
  • Carvana: -16%
  • Draft Kings: -16%
  • Matterport: -16%
  • Shiba Inu: -16%
  • SE Limited: -15%
  • Canoo: -14%

These are some famous one:

  • Gamestop: -13%
  • Doge: -11%
  • Boeing: -10%
  • Corsair Gaming:-10%
  • Shopify: -10%
  • Go pro: -10%
  • Nvidia: -9%
  • Tesla:-9%
  • Fiverr: -8%

Let’s look at which stocks crashed most this year alone.

  • Sea Limited, the company has a cool name but: -72%
  • Netflix: -71%
  • Coinbase, the biggest crypto exchange: -70%
  • Virgin Galactic, the space company of Richard Branson: -58%
  • To close the list, a company called Nvidia: -44%

Let’s look at the companies which are down the most from their all-time high:

  • Wish, the website to buy cheap and fake products from China: -95%
  • Upstart, a lending company: -92%
  • Peloton, the gym equipment company: -92%
  • Shift: -91%
  • Teladoc: -90%
  • Virgin Galactic, the space company from billionaire Richard Branson:-89%
  • Affirm, a pay now pay later company: -89%
  • Redfin: -89%
  • Robinhood, an app to buy stocks with: -87%
  • Fiverr, the freelancing website: -87%
  • DraftKings, a sportsbetting website: -85%
  • Zoom, the video conference website: -84%
  • Opendoor, a real estate company: -84%
  • Zillow, the real estate website: -82%
  • C3 AI, an artificial intelligence company: -81%
  • Shopify, the website building tool for dropshipping: -80%
  • ARKK, a fund from Cathie Wood: -74%

There are many more, these were just some companies I could name off the top of my head.

Let’s look at some winners of this year:

  • Chevron: +33%
  • Exxon Mobile: +32%

That’s all.

Final Thoughts

This article was meant as a statement to all the investing gurus on social media trying to sell you a $1.000 course on day trading, promising they will make you rich.

It’s definitely not the reality.

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