Weekly update| Upgrade Parachain Mars and Odyssey into 0.9.15 Version

  1. Ares Chain
  2. Ares Scan
  3. Trojan Box
  4. Trojan Box UI
  5. other updates
  6. Market & Community Status Quo
  7. The Booming Social Media
  8. Slot Auction is Proceeding
  9. Trojan& Iliad Stake Mining
Weekly Update 18th edition

Dear Aresians, we are glad to have you here. Now let’s have a look at our weekly update of Ares Protocol — the first decentralized cross-chain oracle project of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Ares Protocol is holding new activities for Japanese and Arab communities, the price for the Japanese community ultimately reached 706USDT! The Arabic community is holding its second activity.
Here, we share every bit of Ares!

The Development Progress

Ares Chain

1. Upgraded substrate 0.9.10 to 0.9.15 and test wether the upgraded pallet (e.g. prices_estiamtes, oracle)runs normal.
2. Ipgrade the era statistics in pcw-suit/oracle-finance from the former block redundancy mechanism to sessionmanage interface module, to prevent time zone overlapse caused by prolonged Era. Moreover, it’s convenient to request payment information in relevant time zone by sending EndOfAsk Era to operate block scan in the ending of Era.
3. Test relevant functions of imonline, offence and prepare for the sdeployment of new testnet version, so far the gladios code included that module was upgraded.
4.Accomodating the new blockscan, upgraded relevanty functions in ares-oracle, oracle-finance including deduction of NewPrice, adding up AggPrice, EndOfAskEra, including PurchasedRequestWorkHasEnded, NewPurchasedPric, NewPurchasedRequest, PurchasedAvgPrice, InsufficientCountOfValidator
5. Upgrade and deploy parachain network mars and upgraded polkadot version of odyssey into 0.9.15.
6. Locate and resolved the problem of block producing error on the node of STASH1 address

Ares Scan

1. New chart API, statistical data: daily average block time, statistics of daily transactions, statistics of daily new
2. address number
The new API:
* Displays on-chain Oracle supported asset data
* On-chain Oracle request data
* Count Oracle requests for each Era
3. Modify dashboard charts and interfaces
4. Add the four data panels added by Dashboard
5. Add four details pages based on the data panel added on Dashboard

Trojan Box

1. Update the leaderboard interface to return nicknames and avatars
2. Added returning game cards to game history interface
3. Update daily statistics, count the number of participants in the game, release the reward amount, withdraw the
4. reward amount, opened the grand prizethe single minimum reward
5. Increase the cumulative statistics, count the number of participants, distribute the reward amount, and withdraw the reward amount
6. Added interfaces for extracting reward lists and processing rewards
7. Added Trojan bonus testing and recommendation bonus calculations

Trojan Box UI

1. Adjust SVG gold and Svglogo animation error
2. The broadcast message animation is adjusted to horizontal continuous scrolling
3. Add all wins and my wins pop-ups
4. All pages fit the 1400 screen size style
5. Changed hero card order from fixed order to random order
6. Add home page background animation and Button Button animation
7. Complete user login, play games, access to broadcast messages, account information interface docking
8. Added a play game countdown and a play per hour limit and countdown page
9. Play the game page to add display all users of the award record form and my award record form and data interface docking

other updates

1. parameters in drip involved blank space which cannot be read was solved
2. official page added Korean and modified roadmap

Market & Community Status Quo

Activity in Japanese Community
From 9th February to 9th March, the Japanese community holds an activity valued at 706 USDT, ultimate price values at 300USDT, 20 participants in total can get the rewards. The participants are asked to complete the tasks(follow Twitter, repost, join the Japanese+ official Telegram)

Activity for Arabic Community

Activity in Arabic Community

The Arabic community is holding the second round of activity, which lasts from 20th February to 6th March; the ultimate price reaches 500 USDT! The activity aims to increase the membership above 2000 and select 70 winners to distribute 500 USDT.

The Booming Social Media

Social media demographics

So far, the official Twitter has gathered 31.4k followers, the WeChat blog has reached 1.1k members, and Medium has subscribers of 2.5k. The community members in total are 57.1k.
Thanks to the Korean community Moderator 정여로, we welcomed our new Korean community!

Slot Auction is Proceeding

The canary network of Kusama, Mars, the sequence number is 2008, will join the 26th slot auction on 22th of Feb. Readers interested in contributing their Kusma can click here to know the detailed process and steps for contributing the slot auction. In the Meantime, Mars’s official website has opened up the “ Join the Crowdloan” channel to proceed faster crowd loan for the project.
Ares is joining the second round of the Slot auction, the sequence number is 2028, and named Ares Odyssey. Relevant crowd loan rules will be published on the official page. We are looking forward to your contribution to the DOT crowd loan!

Trojan& Iliad Stake Mining

trojan staking volume

Trojan stake mining volume

Ares Trojan stake mining, based on the Ethereum chain, is proceeding; this week, 60 days of regular products have accumulated 16, 821, 535 of ARES, which increased 329, 924 ARES stake volume than before; 120 days of regular products have reached 7,072,346 ARES, which amounted to 10,068 ARES increase than last week. 180 days of regular products have added up to 17,019,918 ARES, increased 1,118,350 ARES stake volume than previous. The current stake volume is stable at 28, 937, 698 ARES; the APY is steady at 25%.

Iliad staking volume

Iliad stake mining volume

Ares Iliad’s current stake volume increased to 3,205,303 ARES, with an APY of 42%. 60days of the regular product has gained 2,371,916 ARES, which amounted to a 10,666 ARES increase than the previous week. However, 120 days of regular products have added up to 903,493 ARES, an increased 178, 499 than the last week. 180 days of stake volume has grown to 19,568,225 ARES, and increased 494,699 ARES stake volume.

This is the end of our weekly update. Thanks for reading, stay tuned, bye.

Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in Polkadot ecosystem

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain Oracle that truly implements a new generation of cross-chain Oracle service protocol for data on-chain verification, and is The first to open a compensation channel for data users who suffer business losses from using Oracle data
Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Poca’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.