Website and dApp Fixes



Today brings us several fixes centered at improving the ease of use of our dApp and making functionality a bit more user friendly. Before building a house, you have to make sure your foundations are strong — and that’s what we are delivering today prior to pushing forward with our much anticipated new releases. Below you will find a list of major changes and fixes made to the dApp. A multitude of small fixes have been done and will be listed in brief.

1. Max Button Fix

Staking card for the Oracle pool on the Ethereum network is pictured above.

Our first fix is the max button — this button had issues with responsiveness and disappeared on smaller screens, namely on mobile devices. In addition, when used the max button would input data from the blockchain however this was rounded up which resulted in errors as the transacted value would be greater than what was currently available in the users wallet.

These have now been fixed and the max button should appear and work correctly on all devices and input the correct value and decimal places as reflected on the users wallet.

2. Mobile Nav Bar Fix

Mobile navigation bar utilizing icons allowing easier access to features

The next fix involves the navigation menu for mobile devices. The NFT portal was inaccessible via the navigation bar on mobile devices due to a sizing issue. This has now been fixed and you will be able to access the NFT portal via the navigation bar on mobile devices.

Please remember, the NFT portal is located on the polygon dApp.

3. Chart Fix and Live Data

We’re really excited for this fix as this was a significant hurdle and we felt that inaccurate pricing data negatively affected the functionality and feel of our dApp.

Accurate and real time charting data, displaying correctly for Days, Weeks and Months

On our initial dApp launch the way we aggregated data resulted in delayed price updates for pool tokens as well as inaccurate data. We we’re not able to completely integrate Zerions price API to obtain our pool token price data. Ultimately we decided to designate formulae to each pool that calculates the weighted balances of each pool and token which is then stored on our own database. This fix results in real-time price updates and now reflects the accurate value of your tokens.

By utilizing and adding pricing data to our own database, we are also able to add more data points and have more creative freedom on the use of data.

4. Notifications and Warnings Card

Notification card on the dApp displaying eligibility clauses

We’ve enabled a section on our dApp which will allow us to place notifications to users for specific pools. This will allow us to provide updates and vital information to specific users without reliance on our main website or socials such as telegram or twitter.

5. Zap and Invest Re-activation

The zap or invest functionality will be restored in the next week. Unfortunately due to front running bots and slippage, the zap feature is best used for small quantities or several transactions with low values to avoid overpaying for tokens. This feature will allow users to easily obtain pool tokens (AFTs) with one transaction. A disclaimer will be above the invest feature to remind users that only small quantities should be used with the feature.

Small fixes include several quality of life changes, including standardizing values to 2 decimal places across the dApp and showing the NFT card values

Next Steps

Polishing and refining the dApp was essential to moving forward as we felt that we needed to put our best foot forward prior to the release of new products, marketing and collaborations.

We’re excited to polish up the dApp and get functions working as they should. One of our errors early on was pushing out the new dApp prior to a thorough or community test phase to meet deadlines which resulted in an incomplete release. Despite that we are proud of the achievements thus far and are pleased with the work done.

We’d like to note that we will continually update and polish our dApp on a regular basis with the aim of giving the end user a better experience. Nothing is ever complete, and we look forward to finding areas where we can improve our product to provide the best we can to you all.

To the community — look forward to our new releases, and the progression of our roadmap and more!