We All Got Mental Illness (WAGMI)

  1. The Road Less-Traveled…
  2. Trusting the process
  3. If I Had One Bitcoin
  4. Nico Scotti
  5. Making it

A Piece About Mental Health

While the title may seem harsh, this is the ineluctable reality when immersing yourself in greatness. As we dive deeper into this cybernetic society, we must take care of our mental health along the way.


In the metaverse, WAGMI means ‘we are all gonna make it.’ While this acronym builds confidence and encourages one not to lose hope, it is not always easy to believe the mantra. I hope this narrative can reassure everyone that we will make it, even if the road feels less traveled! Each of us has a unique story. It’s important to embrace every chapter. The disasters are just as paramount as the triumphs. Without the two, you will never experience the true meaning of success.

Making it means living on Earth as it would be in Heaven.


The Road Less-Traveled…

For most people, mental health is not cardinal until it becomes vital. At least that was the case for me. Since a child, my brain has had to process many experiences. Many of which are nebulous in retention of the thick clouds that surrounded an angsty and unwieldy teenager. At the time, I convinced myself to believe smoking would heal my pain. It was not until I was an adult in college that I realized I had just been drowning in an abyss of my unconscious mind for years— a labyrinth if you will.

Alright, I’ll say it. I’m diagnosed with schizophrenia with a dash of bipolar tendencies. Who’s better on the trials and tribulations of mental health than who society deems coocoo? And not just for Cocoa Puffs.

After receiving my diagnosis, life began to feel like literal shit. I could no longer use my drugs to create a euphoric escape from my being. I lost all ambition, and every light at the end of the tunnel that blasted through the thick cloak of mary jane became dim. It went from heaven to hell without even needing a road map. How should you feel when your existence is the source of worry to those closest to you? It still pains me until this day that some of my closest friends didn’t want to associate themselves with me. What can I say? Psychosis is one hell of an experience… but I eventually had to ask myself, who am I now that the smoke has cleared?

Acknowledging my mental health became a lonely road traveled. It began to feel like a voyage of learning myself again for a long time. But I feel like that’s what all of us are doing. We are just trying to figure out who we are as individuals and our purpose in life. During covid, mental health issues for everyone may have been at an all-time high. The outbreak caused a lockdown the day before my birthday. Quarantine put me at a crossroads of the path that I’ve now been treading timidly for two years.

The Path of Nothingness
On this path, I was cruising. I’d proceed in college, letting time pass me. I’d use my mental health issues as reasons to disassociate myself from the world. The goal was to graduate, but knowing that there was practically nothing I could do to finish on time, I was highly unmotivated to spend more years acquiring more debt. Not to mention the Coronavirus left me in a state of being homeless. Fortunately enough, I was able to live with my girlfriend. If I’d let my mind control my fate, I would have just been nothing. I was scared. Things were about to get real when I declared a college dropout in a city I was not native.

The Path of Faith and Choice
After my first time in therapy, I learned two things that would help me out of a depressive state.

  • Journaling

My psychosis convinced me that, at the time, I was on a spiritual journey to get closer to God. Until this day, I still believe that I am on that walk. My therapist advised that a journal would help me walk this path less sporadically.

  • Doing whatever I loved to do.

I loved two hobbies growing up: basketball and video games. Of course, I frequented the sport at college, but I left video games as something of my childhood. Finally, my therapist told me to start playing games again to see if it would make me happier. Indubitably, it was the best decision that I’ve ever made.

Writing journal entries to God and playing video games brought a sense of peace to me that I really can’t fully explain. So when things began to get rough during the peak of COVID-19, I put my complete trust in God and said, “I’m going to start gaming on Youtube.”

Now I challenge you to ask yourself, what’s more important, the journey or destination?

First entries in my journal during the Pandemic.

Trusting the process

So which is more important? Most critics say the journey, and those looking for certainty would say the destination. The answer for me is both. It’s essential to trust the process, learn from your lessons, and fall in love with your growth as you embark on any journey in life. However, it’s just as important to know exactly where you are going. You must have intention with all of your decisions and a clear purpose.

Aside from going to school to make my family proud and to meet society’s standard of success, I’ve always had an innate passion for helping others. But unfortunately, generosity is one of the factors that led me to the dark space that put me in a void. As my mentor would say, “you can’t fill others' cups when yours is empty.”

On this journey of becoming a Youtube sensation and hoping to make people happy, I knew that I needed financial freedom to continue doing what I loved doing. So, with God at the forefront, I got hired on the spot for a job at a local gym. The gym forced me to connect with individuals, providing customer service skills. Because I was fulfilling my passion for helping, I didn’t complain about the shit pay. God works in mysterious ways, though. One of the customers I connected with lined me up with my current job at a financial institution. So not only do I help people attain financial freedom, I’m learning how to achieve it myself. This blessing forced me to put down Youtube and gaming for a bit. Instead, I had to invest all of my time learning about stocks, taxes, and things that were once foreign to me.

Fast forward almost a year at the company, I learned so much, and I’ve excelled at making people happy with their finances. As mentioned in my last medium, I ran into Gamefi projects, where cryptocurrency meets gaming. Now I’m implementing the skills I’ve acquired from my job at the financial institution to people worldwide on Youtube as I invest in these gaming financial assets. I still write to God frequently, and I recently finished up my last therapy session for the second time in my life. Most of all, I’m happy!

Making it

Making it is very attainable. If you take anything away from this piece, know that the outcomes are infinite. You’ll be surprised where you might go when you start to spread your wings and fly! Sometimes you might end up where you never expected or wanted to be. However, there’s beauty in the struggle. Learn from every mistake, think positively, and KEEP GOING. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Especially not yourself. If you read this far, you will make it! I’m sure of it.

I dedicate this piece to my Mom. You did a hell of a job raising my brother and me. I am forever indebted to the sacrifices that you’ve made to make me who I am. As you would say, “Love you always, always.”

(God Only).