veDAO: Innovator of investment and financing track

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About veDAO

veDAO, led by DAO, is an investing/financing platform. Utilizing the wisdom of the masses, the platform gives full play to the elite insight. The platform, finding and supporting the most potential projects through the voting mechanism, builds a community, composed of financiers, investors, and DAO members, with shared interests, thus enabling everyone to do his part and benefit from it.

veDAO is committed to providing a transparent and easy-to-access platform for all financiers, investors, and community attendants through democratic voting. With veDAO, all the participants will share the benefits of the project and benefit from the top-level project in the future.

● veDAO is the platform of the people.

● veDAO, the platform of the people and by the people, is operated decentralized through smart contracts.

● People are able to apply for financing by pledging DAO tokens, with voters managing through voting.

● veDAO is designed to draw on the wisdom of the masses and the elite.

● veDAO is the most influential platform for evaluating projects and the source of top-level projects.

The Mission of veDAO

Decentralized: to build up an open and transparent investing/financing market with multiple blockchains and without entrusting or permission.

Self-governed: to build up a specialized, effective, cooperative, and self-governing community.

A community with shared interests: to build up a union of financiers, investors, and controllers that enables everyone to contribute to the success of crypto projects.

The Vision of veDAO

veDAO is aimed to build an automatic investing/financing platform, governed by the community and without entrusting, thus lowering barriers to entry for investment and finance. In that sense, users will invest in the most valuable projects, project managers will get financing, and DAO members will maximize their role in the community governance and gain benefits from that.

veDAO will be a guide to the future and the most popular investing/financing platform that provides an accessible investing/financing system that features a low threshold and fairness.

The Role of Users in veDAO


Any agency or individual that needs finance can apply on the platform after submitting information about the project and the finance. Voters (users with veDAO) will decide whether the application is passed.


Any agency or individual tending to invest can be an investor without KYC or permission, who will invest in the passed project in a specified period and take risks.

Pledging users

Users, after pledging their tokens to the platform, will gain such benefits as the right to vote, the benefit of governance, the benefit of staking mining, and the financing commission. 2% of the finance will be distributed to the user with pledged tokens.


Users who have pledged their tokens will gain the right to vote and therefore become voters, who will evaluate the financing and investing applications in the platform and vote to decide whether pass it. After that, they will gain governance benefits.


Those who are able to investigate and research with the spirit of sharing may be referees, whose responsibilities are to find quality projects that need finance at the early stage and to apply for investment in the platform. Referees, after the application is passed and received investments from the community, will gain a 1% commission on the finance.

Business managers

Those who are able to negotiate with projects may be business managers, whose responsibilities are to search for and contact project managers with the need for financing and to help project managers finish financing in the platform. Business managers will gain a 1% commission on the finance.

Why veDAO

for Financiers

veDAO helps financiers raise funds efficiently, build the community, and promote marketing. With a huge user group, self-service financing application, high efficiency, and no threshold, veDAO will maximize your popularity and help you find your investors.

What makes us stand out:

● A huge user group

● Insights of top-level institutional investors

● Without permission or KYC/KYB

● Convenient, safe, and efficient application

● User-defined financing price and quota

● Mechanism of the white list

● Releasing by stages accessible

● Diversified financing approaches such as IDO/INO available

● Fundraising featuring equality and fairness

for Investors

veDAO helps investors find the top-level projects at the early stage and buy at a lower price. With tens of thousands of voters, veDAO can acquire the wisdom of the masses and the elite and select projects with potential that are recommended and recognized by the community, thus maximizing your investment.

What makes us stand out:

● A constant stream of quality projects

● Wisdom of the masses and the elite

● Reviewed by specialized institutional investors

● Supported by industry-leading decision makers

● Without permission or KYC

● Distribution featuring fairness and equality

for DAO Members

veDAO is a platform of the people and by the people at the very beginning, helping capable users gain the benefits they deserve. Benefits are maximized and distributed fairly. Besides, DAO members give full play to their advantages and gain benefits for their contributions.

What makes us stand out:

● Mining benefits (users with pledged tokens)

● Voting benefits (voters)

● Recommendation reward & 1% of the finance (referees)

● Everyone can negotiate with project managers to raise funds through the platform and gain 1% of the finance (business managers)