UPDATE: What Are The Benefits Of The New Token Panel? (+ features)

  1. GM, Crypto Geckos! 🦎
  2. What are the benefits for ARI10 token HODLers?

GM, Crypto Geckos! 🦎

Ari10 is releasing a completely new token panel in May/June 2022. It will offer some unique benefits for the ARI10 token hodlers.

In this article, we will reveal some new details and show you what the planned features are:

Table of Contents 📝

  1. Market overview.
  2. Token Panel Benefits.
  3. Article Summary.

1/ Market overview

Before we cover the exact features, let’s take a look at the current market of DeFi solutions. You have to enter many protocols, exchanges, and apps to earn passive income and get airdrops.

In other words — in complicated.

The whole process seems quite long.

In Ari10, the token panel will be part of the ecosystem, which will help the investors to maximize their profits from passive income.

There are several benefits of launching the new token panel:

2/ Token Panel Benefits

What are the benefits for ARI10 token HODLers?

  • buy & sell ARI10 straight from the token panel (more assets are coming soon),
  • buy ARI10 for fiat currencies straight from the token panel (the selling feature will be added in the following product iteration),
  • check your token vesting period (for private, seed, and public investors),
  • become a Defi degen with the farming possibility,
  • enter the whale club (a dedicated whale club tab),
  • burning tab with detailed stats,
  • and the Ari10 treasury overview.

3/ Article Summary 📝

Thank you for your time!

We have the token panel, which is unavailable in other projects. Fair staking conditions, Whale Clubs, Farming, and others — this complete DeFi solution makes us optimistic about the future.

It’s just the beginning because new things are coming (CEX listing, token burning, Bitcan x MetaMask integration, and mobile app release).

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