Two Kinds of Energy, Two Kinds of Work, Two Kinds of People.

  1. Understanding Energy
  2. The Money-Fuel Tree
  3. Kardashev Money is The Future
  4. The Great Energy Ponzi
Adapted from slide “Opposing Forces”

Positive Energy and Positive Work

There are two distinct kinds of energy, positive and negative, depending on where we get it from.

If we get it direct from the sun then it is positive. With it, we have the option of using it to do positive things.

By positive things, I mean things that do good for both our planet, and us. That is positive work.

It follows that by negative things, I mean things that are bad for both our planet and us. Hence negative work.

The different categories of hydrogen illustrate this quite well.

Truly “Green” Hydrogen is really only available from sunlight.

When we consume that, its exhaust products donated to us and all of nature comprise only vital oxygen and water, and the energy we used to create it was donated to us, for free.

Only the energy of the sun adds those beneficial Joules to Earth, from an external source, not already on Earth, so only with those can we do truly positive work.

Further, only the energy of the sun expands the base capital of product on Earth, so should be monetised (“Kardashev Money”).

Note Kardashev money is directly interchangeable for Green Hydrogen, as shown in the Money-fuel Tree story.

If we get the energy from anywhere else, then we have no option but to do a certain amount of negative things with it. Because by using non-solar energy, we are depleting from the base capital of energy on Earth.

Note that the harm done by these negative things is cumulative, it builds up over time. So the longer we do this harm, the more work we need to do with positive energy to reverse the effects of it.

That is our debt to our planet. Our actual debt is an energy deficit, to our planet.

This energy deficit can only be undone by doing work with energy positively added from the sun.

We might notice the work of farming can align positively with this.

But in fact, all human industry can align with it too.

But only if it is done by using the energy of the sun.

So Positive energy, is exclusively energy from the sun.

Energy obtained from any other source is negative energy, as by extracting it, we undo things that nature created, from the energy of the sun.

Notice all of nature uses energy positively, except us, to date.

Positive & Negative People

Positive people are those who recognise all of the above, and use this as a kind of fundamental guideline, as to what is good and bad.

As outlined the energy from the sun is something donated to us for free. It is limitlessly scaleable, if we monetise it.

Positive people recognise this very simple fact as undeniable truth.

Further, we have to recognise that because it is donated to us, we must donate it to all people.

We have to adopt a mindset of endlessly giving, instead of endlessly taking, and laying possesion of.

Why do we need to possess anything, if there is abundance of everything.

Most people are not in this mindset, it has to be said. Most of us are actually negative, in some way or another.

For now, there is still some necessity to try to ensure our own personal safety by working to try to retain possesion of whatever various stashes / capital that we might be lucky enough to “Own”.

But positive people recognise and look forward to the day when we will no longer need to do that.

Negative people recognise none of this, only that all things should and must be possessed by someone, forever, until the death of our planet.

Negative people can’t imagine any other kind of world. Or if they can, they have no faith that the world of abundance exists.

Most investors are in the latter category, it seems.

Most investors are actually negative people; causing, doing, justifying, and perpetuating all manner of negative work, guarding their stash.

Most don’t even realise this. Hence articles like this one, stated in the simplest possible terms, to try to show the problem.

There are many negative behaviours we need to overcome, to get to finally understanding the difference between negative and positive, and thus being able to all behave truly positively, it seems to me.

Preservation of capital is preservation of the status quo, the trajectory towards imminent extinction.

Now its existential, and we all have a role in putting it right.

We all need to work positively.

To do that we need to think positively, and recognise when our thoughts are actually negative.

Do we ever feel like enforcing scarcity on someone, perhaps as punishment for something or another? How about cancelling them? Or even killing them?

We have to minimise thoughts like those, and recognise where that mindset is causing problems, to put things right.

Instead of fining, for “crimes committed”, we have to start rewarding, for crimes not committed.

Doing anything else just perpetuates the crimes being committed.

Do we think carbon taxes, fines, or tax of any kind is good?

Actually they are not good at all. Again they enforce scarcity, whilst developing dependency on the revenues raised. Right there, we see the loop of bullshit industry and jobs. Of course those are just a useless waste of power which is actually only possible by wielding capital, the capital of Earth.

Do we think a person’s income or rights to life should be withheld, for any reason? Laziness? Criminal business? Is there really much moral difference between that, and just “Normal” profit seeking business?

The positive answer is no. Why should anyone feel like they want to establish authority over others, and force them to do our bidding by scarcity enforcement? There is no logical reason, other than primitive animal instincts which might have been necessary when there was no civilisation, and no technology.

Now we have the technology, there is no reason to not also have civilisation. Actual, Kardasheve 1+ civilisation.

From Money-fuel trees, there is abundance. And we can all have that abundance, if we all give it.

So there are two kinds of people, positive and negative, just like there are two kinds of energy, positive and negative.

Negative energy comes from the finite capital energy and material reserves of Earth, so can’t last forever. In fact we are ending the planet by continuing to take it. Negative people either don’t see this, or they ignore it, and because their mindset is limited, they literally can’t understand that there is an infinitely better alternative, so they can’t change.

Each of us has to analyse ourselves to really see which kind of person we are. For the sake of survival of our planet, and our species, we need to all become positive, so that at least we know when our negative actions are perpetuating harm done.

Beyond avoiding doing what we know is harmful, we needn’t do much else.

If we manage to do just that, all else falls into place, it seems to me.

This is the only kind of identity politics which really matters; Positive and Negative.

Which are you?