Top White-Label Finance App Ideas To Check Out For Start-Ups In 2022


Are you thinking of launching your start-up in the on-demand financial app development industry? With the emergence of fintech, we can see a drastic change in the financial banking sector. This blog will help you start building digital finance apps, blockchain apps, etc. Get the details about the trending finance apps to get an idea about launching your finance app soon.

The financial sector is amongst all other sectors that benefited immensely from emerging technology. The banking & financial sector has seen a major shift through agile fintech mobile app development solutions, digitalization, and technical improvements.

With the increase in mobile apps, most insurance, investment, and banking needs can be met within a few clicks.

Fintech Market Stats

  • According to Pitchbook, 2009 saw a growth in revenues for fintech start-ups as they earned $1.1 billion through venture capital investment which touched $44.1 billion within a decade.
  • The fintech market is expanding and a lot of start-ups are emerging in this industry every day to leverage this profitable sector

Now, let us have a look at the 16 best finance apps that have been serving the needs of the customers

1. P2P Payment Solutions

P2P or Peer-to-peer payments solutions is one of the profitable fintech app development fields. Yes, these apps are helping eradicate the need to depend on 3 rdparty websites to enable seamless fund transfers from one account to another.

This is a growing area and start-ups can consider launching their fintech apps to reap the benefits.

2. Digital Banking

It is one of the vital Finance App Ideas for start-ups to consider. Digital payment solutions have enabled hassle-free transactions and helped people pay online. The digital banking solutions are developed to help customers in opening accounts, investing, adding beneficiaries, and block/unblock cards with a few taps through respective apps. It helps the customers perform a lot of banking tasks without visiting their banks.

3. Robo Advising Software

These programs are backed by machine learning and offer customized investment suggestions to investors at affordable charges. The software is supported by an automated price prediction feature that helps trade assets and analyzes expenditures.

4. Personal finance management app

PFM or personal finance management app helps people keep track of their investments, savings, earnings, expenditures, etc which is not easy to manage due to busy lifestyles.

Hence you can consider building personal financial management application development as one of the best finance app ideas in 2022 for your start-up.

5. Loan Lending App

Certainly, lending is a tedious and time-consuming process in the finance sector. It is not easy to get a loan and digital solutions connect lenders and borrowers under one roof directly to process transactions faster.

Lending apps help the lender and borrower follow a fair process for lending money. With big data technology, it becomes easier for the lender to get a precise picture of the creditworthiness of a person seeking a loan. This helps them state loan terms suitable for both parties.

6. Investment & Trading App

Today, users can access tons of investment options and create different trading portfolios. But, it becomes difficult to manage multiple investments easily. So, building trading apps can help investors manage their equity funds, stocks, crypto assets, and shares together. So, as a start-up, you can think of building robust and secure apps that can allow people to manage funds, do data comparisons and check the prices of trading assets.

7. RegTech App

It is yet another profitable section in the fintech sector which is a regulatory app that manages the regulatory challenges present in the field of economy and finance.

Hence, RegTech mobile apps can bring legal entities and clients together, help customers stay updated with the latest financial regulations, keep a check on payment transactions and government policies, etc

8. Digital Wallets

Digital apps have cemented their place in the market for a while now. The e-wallet app development agency enables app users to perform flawless transactions online without using credit/debit cards or physical wallets. Payment can be made within a few taps and users can attain coupons/discounts on each transaction.

The digital wallet is growing and is predicted to touch $7581 billion by 2024. So, this can be the perfect opportunity for start-ups to launch their digital wallet app and gain maximum profits.

9. Crowdfunding Solutions

It means the collection of small capital amounts from different people, to begin with, a new business idea. The main objective of these apps is to connect investors & entrepreneurs to boost the count of investors more than normal sources. So, building crowdfunding apps/websites has a lot of potential as you will never face a lack of customers.

10. Blockchain Applications

If you are thinking about which fintech idea would work for your start-up then blockchain apps are the answer. When digital currencies are predicted to replace normal currencies in near future, making the most of blockchain technology to create apps that allow cryptocurrency transactions can be the best opportunity in 2022.

11. Insurtech Solution

Today, insurance apps are created using different smart technologies like AI, business intelligence, data science, IoT, etc. These apps meet the needs of the customers 24 X 7 to manage their policies, and premium payments and notify them about the newest insurance programs. So, this can be one of the best start-up finance business ideas for start-ups.

12. Payday Loan App

Well, payday loan apps help you borrow money at a certain interest. Here the lender deducts your loan payments automatically from your paycheck. Payday loans come at higher interest rates than personal loans.

13. Crypto Exchange Platform

It is one of the creative app ideas to consider for fiancé start-ups. The app helps users to join the decentralized cryptocurrency market. Here, only cryptocurrencies are used for trading.

Some of the vital features of the crypto exchange platform are faster processing, higher security, lower fees, etc. If you are planning to choose this idea you need to keep in mind a lot of aspects like fundraising, compliance requirements, research niche marketing, and pull out details about the competition and challenges.

14. Bill Reminder App

These apps are designed to send payment reminders so that people can pay their bills on time. In case you are planning to build something quite useful then the Bill reminder app can be the best idea to help people manage their bills. You can design your app to send out reminders, and use analytics tools and different categories to help users manage bill payments.

15. E-mortgage Apps

It is an exciting fintech app idea that is new and launched during the covid pandemic. When getting a mortgage wasn’t easier during the pandemic, electronic mortgage apps made the application process for a mortgage simple and contactless for people who want to apply for mortgage loans.

16. Financial Record Maintenance

It is not easy for people to maintain their financial records, tax invoices, payment receipts, etc due to busy schedules. So, to make their job easier, the financial record maintenance app offers the right platform to manage financial records. The start-ups can use this finance app idea to gain profits.

Steps To Consider For Building Your Fintech Start-up

  • Determine your niche market
  • Understand the demand
  • Find Unique Selling Point for your start-up
  • Raise funds
  • Hire FinTech Application Development Services
  • Know about the related business & technical challenges
  • Launch your MVP

Final Words

The growth of the fintech sector is undeniable and finance apps have a bright future. A lot of start-ups & finance companies hit the market with creative app ideas.

Today, when apps are everywhere only fast, robust apps with user-friendly features stay ahead of the competition.

The ideas mentioned above would help you pick the most relevant idea that can help you launch a white-label financial app for your start-up. To put everything right you need to search for a trusted finance app development company to launch a successful finance app.

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