Top Five best youtube channels for freelancers in 2022

Photo by Valeria Odnovol on Unsplash

Is freelancing even a respectable profession or can you make a living out of it? Well, a big thumbs up! But in this modern world where no one stops for anyone how can you learn to freelance and make a way out of your problems?

Thankfully there are a lot of creators ready and willing to help us learn to freelance via online videos! YES, you read this right. But the main question is how? Don’t worry I’m here for you!

The answer is simple yet fascinating. YOUTUBE. We might open YOUTUBE just for some XYZ funny videos to pass our extra time but with a billion or so users YOUTUBE might be one of the biggest radicalizing instruments of this century.

Now a frustrating question that must have eros up in your mind must be how to find the right person to help us in this long tunnel of the online world.

Well, I’m here to help you solve this problem by coming up with the five best youtube channels for freelancing.

These are the following five creators who are always willing to help you for the best:

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is the head of a digital agency and creative education platform, an American entrepreneur, and a public speaker who stands up at the top to be one of the best youtube freelancers. With the title “FROM BROKE TO $300K/YEAR… THIS IS HOW I CHANGED MY LIFE, his most watched youtube video consists of the best advice you can get as a freelancer. It doesn’t sound like a sales or a promotion video but a proper guide for you. Through his videos, he strongly motivates everyone on the business side of freelancing and even his most covered topics are how to make passive income with affiliate marketing or how to find online clients step by step.

If you are a freelancer who is finding it hard to get some real motivation or a piece of real advice or are just a beginner and want to kick start your career then you should check this amazing channel out.

Jordan Makelle

Being a college dropout who has been fired from her job Jordan is a taxes-based content writer, a freelance blogger, and a writing trainer too. She teaches everything about content writing on her YOUTUBE channel, whether it is how to write a blog post, grow your business online, or about building a portfolio and she mainly focuses on pitching clients through cold mailing as she is truly against the low pay rate for freelance writers at freelancing platforms. A success story of which she is the proudest is of building a $5000 freelance writing business in just four months after getting fired from her job at an office.

So if you are interested in learning freelance content writing then Jordan is one of the best teachers on YOUTUBE to start learning from.

Chris the Freelancer

Chris the freelancer is a digital nomad. And with the main motto of “live and work anywhere,” he is inspiring everyone to be a digital nomad for five years now. Back in 2015 when he was working for a corporate company, he wasn’t soo satisfied being stuck in a place all day long five days a week. He was always passionate about traveling but working holidays weren’t enough for him to fulfill his desire to travel. And only this time around did he discover the digital nomad movement, where you don’t have to be stuck at a place and can work from anywhere in the world. Yes, you read this right, even you can become a location-independent freelancer, travel around the world and work simultaneously, and get rid of your boring office routines with all the satisfaction and inner peace.

John Morris

John Morris is a web developer. And he has been on youtube for over 13 years, teaching everyone from basic website designs to online marketing. The motto of “how to get your first client is helping newbies find freelancing clients with a lot of ease. The main advantage of learning from John is he will not take you to the complexes at first, preferably he will explain everything with a lot of simple steps and his real-life examples. Topics covered by him on his YOUTUBE channel are, How to get your first freelance job with no experience? and what keywords should new freelancers try to rank?

Hisham Sarwar

With the experience of 20 plus years in freelancing, He is considered one of the most reputed and seasoned freelancers. He has worked for many prestigious clients all over the globe. He has been on YOUTUBE since 2006 and teaching everyone from scratch about freelancing.

He is a Freelance Instructor at Pakistan’s National Training Program DigiSkills and Co-Founder of Pakistan’s first Freelance Platform WorkChest. He is also the CEO of beingGuru.

If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know the answer to questions like what freelancing is, which skill or platform is suitable for you and how to communicate perfectly, and much more in Urdu/Hindi then this is the best person you can find on the entire youtube.


There are hundreds of YouTube channels, if not thousands, helping newbies learn whatever skills they are interested in. What matters is that if you want to master something you will have to put your efforts into this, or you will watch the youtube videos of the best teachers who taught you skills with all their heart but all that went in vain.