Today I joined Yield Nodes

  1. Proven Track Record
  2. Unique Revenue Model
  3. Pros
  4. Cons
  5. How To Join
  6. Game Plan
  7. EndNote

I joined the Masternodes race.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. The content for this article is purely for educational/research purposes only and is merely based on my personal opinions.

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While we are witnessing the entire crypto market in the bearish phase. It has occurred to me that I needed an investment that can withstand market volatility and still produce a decent profit. This is where Yieldnodes came to mind, they have been on my radar for quite some time now but only recently have I freed up some budget for this investment. That being the case, in this article I will discuss the reasons I joined, how to join and my game plan for this investment.

Proven Track Record

Any DeFi projects out there that can consistently produce a good profit and still last a full year will be considered a relatively low risky project. Take Yieldnodes for example, they started in August 2019 with a good 3 years of consistent 10% profit every month. This is an exceptionally good project given their track record. However, the team themselves has mentioned that the reward may be scaled down as more ecosystems get adopted by them. Their main priority is the longevity and sustainability of the project which means reducing rewards if necessary. This is would be a perfect opportunity to invest before the rewards start to scale down in the future.

Unique Revenue Model

Unlike most other DeFi projects which have multiple revenue sources such as treasury investment, buy and sell tax and swapping fees to generate revenue for its projects. Yieldnodes has only 1 revenue model, which is a Masternode rental program, where Yieldnodes will take investor funds and pool them together to create the hardware and software necessary to run a Masternode.

Masternode is a node server within a network that validate transaction in that network. In addition, operators like Yieldnode is required to stake a certain number of relevant token in order to earn revenue on the network. With more funds coming from new investors, Yieldnodes can multiply the entire process to other networks to generate even more revenue.


  1. No tokenomics. There are no governance tokens, all transaction from the investor's point of view is based on only either BTC, USDT or Fiat money.
  2. Tons of great reviews from Trustpilot, Youtube and online forums.
  3. Transparent and Doxxed team.
  4. Low entry barrier. Minimum $500 Euro.


  1. Funds are locked for 6 months. There will be an emergency button to cash out funds but will lose all profit.
  2. Long processing time. Profit will start to generate after 7 processing days.

How To Join

  1. Open an account with Yieldnode at:
  2. Before depositing, please complete the KYC details such as email or phone, upload an ID, proof of address, and sign the investment agreement.
  3. Set up 2FA using Google Authentication. OR set up SMS options as 2FA.
  4. After KYC has been approved. Deposit your funds via the deposit tab. (when using BTC, it will take 1 to 2 days for BTC to show up)
  5. Give it 7 days for the team to process the fund and start earning.
  6. Adjust the compound option to your preference.
  7. Profit will be released every 1st day of the month.

Game Plan

Personally, Yieldnode is considered a low-risk project. Therefore, instead of recouping my investment, I will set the compound option to 100% and compound my monthly reward. Then cash out as monthly income once my fund is able to generate $5000 per month.

Please note: I am not advising anyone to follow my game plan, I am just sharing my game plan to maximise my returns so that I can retire as early as possible.


With real utility in their system, a transparent team and a unique revenue model. I believe Yieldnodes will be one of my best-performing projects out there.

As always please Do Your Own Research, do not let other people's opinions cloud your judgment. Always find reasons to justify why you should join.

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