This Week: Vesper’s Avalanche Pools Launch on Thor Financial


Gain Access to Vesper Pools with Thor Financial

Thor Financial, a diverse ecosystem of protocols and products hosted on the Avalanche blockchain, has added Vesper-deployed Avalanche pools to its suite of staking pools. Users will need to stake 10 THOR tokens (Thor Financial’s native token) in order to access them. The list of available pools includes AVAX, DAI, QI, USDC, USDC.e, wBTC.e, wETH.e.

Learn more about Thor Financial’s new product offering.

AMA with Jeff Garzik

This week, Vesper Chief Architect and Co-founder Jeff Garzik joined the Vesper community for an AMA. The conversation touched on stablecoins, cross-chain initiatives, and more! Check out some highlights below.

Q: Are there any plans to launch VUSD?

A: The demand for a stablecoin has cooled down, and also become more complicated, with UST/Luna/Anchor explosions. US regulators are looking more closely at stablecoins. I think the VUSD design and engineering is solid — the hurdle is primarily economic. VUSD needs a $$$ bootstrap, one time, and then it is self-sufficient forever more. Like a ticking watch, it needs to be wound up, and then it ticks along. Solving that bootstrap piece can launch VUSD. Absent that, it looks like VUSD should wait for better market conditions before being marketed.

Q: How does Vesper’s risk management differ from some of the centralized entities that got overextended in down markets or black swan events? Is it all software-based or is there human intervention during crisis times?

A: The goal is always to design systems that work even when markets are falling fast and other black swan events. There is robotics already built and active 24/7 watching for various blockchain events and reacting to them. Ex.: If BTC price goes down, and MakerDAO adjusts oracle price, then automation needs to withdraw and pay back some DAI assets. Humans can intervene via emergency pool ops multisig as a last resort, but we try hard to avoid that.

Q: What are your thoughts on Vesper offering loans and yield generation for BTC holders?

A: Aspirationally: I think Vesper should do this. Vesper should pick up where Badger collapsed and left off, and find good BTC products. It is difficult to find honest reactions to this product. Some people say it's awful, and then they will use it! Some people say they love it but then do not use it. BTC is quixotic.

Read the rest on Discord. Eager to participate in the next AMA? Stay tuned!

Pitch Vesper, Get Rewarded

Vesper continues to pitch VSP incentives for FXS holders to vote on Frax for our pool. FXS holders can vote at and earn VSP rewards when they vote for the Vesper Frax pool.

Users can earn triple APY paid out in FRAX + FXS + VSP when they deposit FRAX to Vesper and then stake their deposit in Convex.

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Vespernauts Michael, Errin, and Zane contributed to this report. Edited by Phil Gomes.