This Crypto Could Enable You to Afford Your Dream Home

  1. How I Went From VERY Skeptical About This Crypto to Investing $900 and Feeling Super Excited About…
  2. Getting Started With DRIP — a Complete Step-by-Step (video) Guide That Anyone Can Follow
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I took a break from writing about my own success with Drip Network (it was getting a bit repetitive) and also from writing about how much you COULD make from Drip, even if you start off with a small deposit but I think it’s time for a bit of optimism and excitement!

The price of the DRIP token has slumped over the last couple of months and there has been a lot of negativity in the community which deters new investors. But now is a fantastic time to get into Drip Network! The price is almost what it was when I first invested, 6 months ago!

Yes, the price has been what some might call “volatile” — I prefer to say it has experienced some peaks and troughs just like any other cryptocurrency or any other market. The important things to note are:

  1. the number of investors continues to increase
  2. Drip Network celebrated its 1st birthday in April (not many DeFi projects ever achieve that)

Both of the above are testament to Drip Network’s ingenuity and strength and integrity. I firmly believe that this project will have many happy returns of its birthday. It’s a long game, not a get rich quick scheme, and a lot of people who invested through FOMO when the price was on its way up to the ATH in January, forgot it’s a long game and panic sold when the price started to come down.

You Can Get Started With Just One Drip

Well, we're back to under $20 a DRIP now making it very easy for absolutely anyone to get started (you can afford to invest $20 now can’t you?) because you only need 1 DRIP to get started. Actually, due to the network taxes, you need 1.12 plus a little BNB for gas so you’d need about $25 to get started today.

I recommend you start with more though! Otherize the initial growth will be painfully slow. Drip pays 1% interest daily on your deposited amount and you can compound that. But be warned, it will feel like forever until your 1 DRIP becomes 2 and it will feel like multiple eternities until it becomes 10!

I recommend you start with at least 30 DRIP (about $600 currently).

Let’s Have Some Fun Now With Actual Numbers…

If you could afford to start with 50 DRIP (about $1000 now) and you compound your 1% interest every day, after 90 days you would have 122 DRIP. Here’s a screenshot from the Daily Compound Interest Calculator to illustrate just how rapidly the compound interest stacks up:

And now let’s look at what the situation would be in a year’s time. 50 DRIP invested today and compounded daily for 1 year would become 1,889 DRIP tokens. At that point you could switch to alternating between compounding and claiming your daily 1% interest. So you could claim 15 days a month. Let’s see what kind of dollar amount we’re talking about.

Your investment would be producing over 18 DRIP each day in interest, so...

18 DRIP x $19 x 15 days = $5,130 a month

Yes! Over $5,000 a month in earnings. And your deposited amount would still continue to grow at quite a pace. Another year later and you’d have over 11,000 DRIP tokens, producing over 100 tokens a day in interest. You’d be looking at this scenario:

100 DRIP x $19 x 15 days = $28,500 a month

This is how you could afford your dream home! It could really happen!

You might have noticed I used today’s DRIP price in the future illustrations. That is because I don’t believe it will go any lower than it is now. There is so much happening in the Drip ecosystem right now, new utility, new partnerships, a revolutionary scratch card game, and more to come! I’m sure the price can only go up. But I could be wrong of course. All I know for sure is that I bought in at around $18, six months ago and I have made a very substantial profit already! If you’d like to know my story, you can start here:

Note: for simplicity, I have left network taxes out of the above projections. Almost every transaction in Drip Network is taxed at 10%. This is what makes the system work and ensures it is sustainable.

Come and Join Me on the Journey to Financial Freedom

If I’ve inspired you and you would like me to be your buddy in the DRIP Network (and on the journey to wealth and financial freedom), I’d be honored! (note: you can’t invest without a buddy, please read my step-by-step guide to getting started with DRIP Network). I promise to be a good buddy and mentor to you, to encourage you, and help you to accelerate your earnings and ROI, and I can be your Drip guide and help you develop a strategy that’s right for you and your financial goals. I also have a very active private group on Telegram where you can get support from other Drip enthusiasts and where we have weekly prize draws and more!

My buddy address is:

Want to Connect With Me Before Making an Investment?

Maybe you have questions and want to talk to me before you dive into Drip Network? If you want to chat, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on Telegram:

You know the old cliche about a journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step? Well, the journey to financial freedom starts with a single step too: the decision to take a risk and invest in Drip Network 👍

IMPORTANT: Your initial deposit into the Faucet contract is not withdrawable in a lump sum. You can get it back at 1% a day so if you desperately need it back quickly, forget it, it’s “gone”. Drip is NOT the right investment for you. You will have to wait about 120 days to recoup it fully. But, why would you want to withdraw your deposit? I just explained to you how it will make you very wealthy by growing at 1% a day, compoundable! 🎯

Also worth noting is that the DRIP that is returned to you may not be worth as much as when you bought it. It could be worth a lot less, or it could be worth a lot more. The ideal strategy is to keep re-investing your 1% daily ROI when the price of DRIP is less than you are happy selling for, and sell when the price is high. Remember, if you want to strategize with me just reach out to me on Telegram!

You’re going to need a bit more info to get started so here’s a step-by-step guide I created for you:

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! Remember, if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on Telegram and I’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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