This “Crypto Clockwork” Will Dramatically Improve Your Sleep


The power of routine + compounding interest = Health & Wealth

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I really have to hand it to my cat (or most any for that matter). He regulary parks himself wherever he’d like to, and he can just conk out for lengthy blocks of time.

Regardless of their brain size, today’s domestic cats actually don’t have a lot to be stressed out about. Their adventures don’t generally involve a fight for survival, and instead, their adventures are limited to eating your shoelaces.

Humans are a lot different.

We of course have the base survival part to think about, and that extends to actively thinking about the health of everyone under our roof. In some strange twist we also think about a ton of extra bullshit that really has no bearing on our survival or well-being:

“Why did that troll leave that comment?”
“The dog needs a collar. When is the blue version going to be in stock again?”
“What could I have said to avoid that last argument with him/her?”
“What do I do with my childhood basketball cards: Keep them? Sell them?”
“That wall needs to be repainted. Do I have a backup bucket somewhere?”

The list is endless. Our brain is complex, but the real irony is that as exhausting as these items sound, we can’t seem to sleep when running through lists like this.

It’s probably not a stretch to say that financial thoughts are the #1 topic on the minds of very tired, irritable humans everywhere.

Even before the pandemic, money management hasn’t been an especially fun topic for a lot of people. You know what’s less fun than that?

Worrying about how you’re going to make ends meet.

When that worry starts to seep its way into the most important time period for your body — the non-waking hours — you’re truly compounding a problem. All the energy that you truly need to operate at your best is deflated, and before you know it, you’re really playing from behind because you lack the focus or desire to change your situation. It’s a vicious circle.

Before I delve into a specific activity you can actually do to get better sleep, I want to point out two key concepts that will make a better life possible:


There are a lot of routines you’re doing already. Sure, work is probably one of them, and it goes without saying that if you didn’t perform that one you’d likely be even more stressed out. Routines come in a lot of different flavors, and whether or not it’s an essential one that you’re doing, these really do have a calming effect for your psyche.

Stick with the routines that will have you reach your eventual goals.

Compounding Interest

Yes, we’re going to take a detour into financial territory now. If you’re not familiar with the concept of compounding interest, it’s time to get educated. This is one of the greatest financial tools that delivers increasingly greater returns for your investment based on the nature of time. Money makes money.

The sooner you’re in and the longer you stay, magical things will happen.

I used to believe that by putting in the long hours at work and socking the money away would have me waltz right into my retirement years, just in time for social security to provide a nice, extra padding for whatever life I’d like to live starting in my 60s.

It’s all been fool’s gold: Not only am I contributing to a retirement program that’s going to be hitting major stagnation during my most important contributing years, any money earned is going to be buying a LOT less thanks to the encroaching death march of inflation.

I started dabbling in crypto in a search to find a successful hedge against all the topics I just mentioned.

I didn’t enter crypto because I wanted to get rich; I entered crypto because I really want sleep.

I have found one particular project that does all of these things. It does involve performing a daily routine that gives me the option of either continuing to compound my earnings on to the pile, or I can cash out for actual dollars back to myself in order to pay real bills.

Take your sleep back. Actually, take your life back.

Become the cat.

DRIP (Website:

You’ll be entering a low-risk, high-reward smart contract that operates very similarly to a bank’s CD (certificate of deposit). When you add your investment, you’ll receive 1% daily. From there you can choose to recompound (called “hydrate”) or liquidate entirely (taking 1% back max daily). As an example, if you added $1,000 and did absolutely nothing you’d have $3,650 after a year, and that’s the worst-case scenario. At best, you can turn that into 3,678% with a solely hydrating routine.

My path is alternating hydrating/withdrawing every other day. This allows my balance to continue building, and then I actually do claim the other 50% to put actual dollars back in my pocket. Drip is actively paying many of my real-life monthly bills (yes with dollars), and the larger plan is for it to pay off the house and beyond.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Add Metamask to your browser. Metamask will engage with Drip to facilitate your hydrating and withdrawing.
  2. Obtain BNB (BEP-20 aka Binance Smart Chain) and send it to your Metamask account.
  3. Visit and connect your Metamask wallet.
  4. You need a buddy to join, so please use mine:
  5. Buy at least 1.12 Drip on the Swap page using your BNB. Have at least 0.05 to 0.1 in BNB to cover the gas.
  6. Return to the Faucet page and deposit that Drip. You’re done!
  7. Daily, return to and either hydrate or claim.

From there, the 1% begins calculating immediately, and it’s a best practice to return daily to either hydrate (recompound) or claim. When you claim that amount returns as BNB, so you can then either transfer that to either Binance or for a direct withdrawal to your bank account!

This is not financial advice, but I’m telling you my true daily path that’s absolutely working. Entering crypto means you need to take security seriously and — oh yeah — any token you sell back to fiat is taxable. Don’t think you’re escaping that.

Drip is a real project that produces real money for you. Its sustainability is solid based on the fact that every transaction from each user is hit with an internal tax that goes to cover the daily payout for every user.

Read more:

DRIP Lightpaper


Buy BR34P:

NOTE: The amount Deposited is not withdrawable. In exchange you receive 1% of that staked amount on a 24 hr basis for the next 365 days, which can be rehydrated/compounded, or claimed.

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