There Can be Only One


Pick any statement or question with the word money in it. How would it reframe what you said or asked if you changed the word ‘money’ to ‘people’?

Have a think and comment below. I know how it would, but I wonder if you see it, even admit it?

I’m Frederick Malouf but feel free to call me BUXBE. It sounds better! :)

Since studying the value of sustainability in architecture and design, status doing this didn’t follow. Excess, not efficient resource use, shows wealth. Still does.

I found that the fulcrum point to change this is money, specifically usury, itself, specifically the type of money humanity has accepted as immutable, absolute, unchangeable, that being money must be controlled by someone to stabilise and distribute it to overcome its volatility. If that were true, we wouldn’t accept the crashes that happen every decade, where most people lose. The surge of interest in crypto has increased currency volume, volatility, and speculation exponentially. It decentralises more ‘printing’ of money out of nothing. If there is any sign that usury is a scam, crypto is it.

Usury has been defined as an exorbitant interest on money, but originally meant any interest, costs, fees, on currency. This redefinition has led to humanity’s learned helplessness that usury is the only way. What humanity loses is the freedom to create in and around communities, for the greater good. Only a neutral currency, what BUXBE is, can do this.

There’s a great push to connect 3 Ps: passion, purpose, profit, but there is no fundamental way a business can profit creating sustainably or regeneratively. Profit demands planned obsolescence. Sustainability means make as best as possible until there is a better way that reuses all the resources used before. While this may be profitable in spurts, it cannot be long term within usury economics. Something must be made to fail, otherwise there is no business. This is exceedingly obvious, but no one wants to admit it, because people have not seen any other way. Entrepreneurship has to quantify to survive in usury markets, which are ultimately owned by, yep, you guessed it, banks. Those that print the money own the money, and everyone that uses it.

So what does the solution look like? Reverse the model. Instead of banks printing money on demand by authority coerced from politics, let the people create it, by their own agreement to use it. No money exists unless they choose it to be. That’s a bank owned by the people. Five fundamental differences of such a bank are:

The bank cannot be controlled by anyone, including the creator, only administered.

It has to be free to use, and this cannot, and has no ability, to change. You can’t charge a cost on something no one owns.

There is no need for loans. You know longer need money to buy people. Remember the change ‘money’ to ‘people’ in a sentence? You have to show why your business is sustainable, how it empowers, educates, all in synergy with Earth. That is the absolute bubble that can’t be broken. No Earth, no people. Think about how long people have tried to beat Earth, and failed. Humanity accepts to keep trying, and failing.

There is only a need for one currency. In usury, this is dangerous because one currency is owned by one entity. This is actually what the IMF wants to do with SDRs: have central banks support their usury by backing it in SDRs. What a sham. Having more than one currency invites speculating, making the money more important than the people. Humanity is taught that decentralisation is safer so we get the best deal, but it is really decentralised centralisation. All usury converges to one powerhouse, the IMF as an example. One good currency is owned by everyone, and can’t be, has no need to be, controlled. It self-regulates. Only a qualitatively-focused currency can do that. One currency, yes. Each person’s account being their own part owning the bank, of course. Always decentralised, inevitable.

Basing a currency on a commodity makes who uses it a commodity, too. The one thing that is abundant is education. This is why BUXBE’s base is the bank B60/hour of education. This can’t, and doesn’t need to, change. You can access education anywhere and be paid to attend. BUXBE serves the people. No access to education, so freely available if the currency model allowed it, cauterised humanity to expand, to the division, and object thinking, that we live in now. BUXBE prioritises amending these traumas usury has created, to shift from the ethics of power, to the excellence of empowerment. Students don’t pay teachers. Who knows if the teacher is any good? There’s no time, or fear, to go through that. The money is not important. What they offer to empower is. Everyone is a peer. Everyone has a right to education. The BUXBE bank is not a for-profit entity. If it was, then it would own the people. That’s not a people’s bank. It would have no money if people didn’t use it, so it can’t be a for-profit bank. It makes no sense to be. BUXBE does not take away. It honours, as people should honour themselves and others. It’s really not that complicated.

Saying humanity accepts to keep trying, not is just trying, is intentional. You have had no other option. You need resources today. You want status as a game changer. Somehow. You follow trends to be that, change making or not. So why are you buying bigger SUVs and pickups, so many setup for camping to obliterate quiet environments with 4WDs and all the shit you have at home, when sustainability matters? Who’s winning? You think you are, but you aren’t. You are living death.

The core tenet of BUXBE is how and what experiences can I/we decide/create to empower the most people, in the most sustainable way possible, in synergy with Earth.

A friend says this as ‘What is the most loving thing I can do in this moment?’ Both have the same objective: to empower in synergy with Earth. There is no bigger bubble than that. Anything less, as usury wants, is lying to oneself.

Anyone worried about being authentic, being worried if someone is, will be infallible in BUXBE communities. There is no need to be, do, anything else. There is no point. Look all around you in the usury economics, environments, how inauthentic everything wants to be, while those wanting to be suffer. You can’t buy your way out if this with books. I’m noticing there are lots of mentions with media hosts about Dostoyevsky. He is an amazing author with some great insights, but objectifying talking about it is pointless. He also wrote at a time of great oppression, WITHIN A POLITICAL STRUCTURE OWNED BY USURY! All political structures are owned by usury. Picking one and discussing it like its enlightening is missing the point.

A new system sounds hard, but pioneers start hard to make it easier for others, and that is OK. Success is not a contest with humanity, but a collaboration. You may think apocalypse is inevitable, but that comes from ignorance. Apocalypse destroys. Not very sustainable.

The total oxymoron of this is humanity really wants to do good. Look at how many of you WANT empowered change, but don’t know what tool to change with? How many people are in discussions of wanting to collaborate, but blame the people of their human nature to not want change? Who do you think they are pointing to when they have the same conversation you are having?

Is this where I point out ‘same thing, same way, same outcome’? How many times have you heard people honoured for thinking out of the box, but still see no change? Why? Because these ‘changes’ are within usury, so will change nothing,

Humanity has had a long time to accept that money needs to be owned by someone to control it, to then be distributed, because we’re told humanity is too greedy and selfish in spite of itself. You see how ridiculous this sounds, but that’s what’s happening. We breathe for air to shout at the joy of life, but only within the bubble money affords.

Humanity has overcome scarcity many times, but usury economics NEEDS scarcity to function. And so, here we are, picking a side for or against money, locked into a system to own resources as the only way out to survive, and leveraging fear to protect it. This totally ignores the unlimited creativity humanity has to succeed collaboratively, with so much to share, in synergy with Earth.

Somewhere in this fear of loss, humanity trusted those who sold a way to hold on against those who could take away, not knowing that this was the intention, still is, and so usury became the solution. For a fee, naturally.

People can say humanity is greedy, but humanity trusted the people that said that. Therein lies the dichotomy, therefore trichotomy, humanity has learned to believe, that now can’t find an empowered way out of, holding onto a quantity of life, not the quality of it. What else is making creative abundance scarce? It’s so stupid.

Humanity has long tried to find a reason and meaning of life. But the real meaning of life is to experience creating and sharing in the moment, to experience the unlimited empowerment people really want to give. That’s what it’s all about! It doesn’t mean it has to be scarce to have value. As soon as a quantified price became the goal, humanity lost its trust in the present, and the natural scarcity of the tribe became an artificial scarcity of identity.

Human nature is not greedy against others for the want of survival. It adapts to its environments to succeed. The human condition, however, is not the process of how it does this. It is the overarching self-belief framework that decides how to do this. Self-belief will never happen, ever, if it is against anyone or anything. It is impossible. Usury wants to sell you it is but it can’t. The people selling it know this, too. The enlightenment humanity wants to reach is to live beyond fear. To trust completely. Sadly, I see that the human condition does not know how to love ourselves as much as we choose to love other people.

And so, here we are today, addicted to money like never before. I remember hearing that in less than a decade after the free love of the 60’s and 70’s, media was selling the greed of the 80’s. It shows how much humanity trusts messages of others selling the way forward, to then find out it doesn’t work, and we do this over and over again. This shows humanity’s true nature. We want to trust, just don’t know how. Humanity needs to trust itself again, and stop being scared.

We all know there’s been a massive push to sell new types of currencies, like cryptos, NFTs, whatever, but it’s all usury by a different name. It doesn’t matter who created it, an algorithm or paper, if there is a cost to it in any way, it is just more of the same. It won’t solve anything. It actually does the opposite, selling money as a cult. It isn’t sustainable because so much more resources are wasted on creating more of nothing. It drives more into poverty, not less. Desperation makes morey, just not for you. Thos perpetuates more disempowerment, that leads to crime, discrimination, racism, etc.

Look at all the scams because of usury. It happens because all usury is a scam. You are told to trust usury repeatedly, and when it can’t, you are not just told to trust it again, you accept it as you do not have another option. It’s called learned helplessness. Every generation are taught the same story, just with different characters; the hero who overcomes tragedy to be their self, that they fought when others didn’t. That’s the game those that own money want you to play, that you are different to be above those that couldn’t and you receive a reward. What the usury game wants you to miss is all rising above doesn’t mean we are the same. We achieve our being, giving, sharing, our excellence, our diversity, our true freedom.

Humanity wants to trust, wants to be with, not above, others. We have all achieved so much, but through so much destruction. Think if all those resources, so much wasted to give money value, became available to give people abundant, creative, perpetual, qualitative, empowerment, together, not out of ethics, but through excellence? Instead, it falls into the fear humanity is sold, accepting this environment as absolute, to then compromise itself to survive, and so loses the chance of empowered identity.

What humanity really wants to do is play a different game.

If humanity wants to use an exchange model outside of a price on their heads, it has to be something completely different, the exact opposite of what currency is sold as. A currency for the people is created by people, by their agreement, not a political or economic entity accepted as a given authority to create money and distribute as they see fit. That’s not for the people; it’s against them.

Every currency that has been presented for humanity to use, is all about quantity and commodity. This has perpetuated fear, war, power, and status through inequality and discrimination. Earth itself has been and still is compromised in the process. There is no way to empower the world using a system that perpetuates disempowering Earth, and ourselves with it.

Every proposal for empowered change has led to the hope to act, but not able to act. That’s what the people that own money want! Sell hope. That’s all. And so, humanity perpetuates disempowering itself, not knowing how to get out, a way forward, and even when presented with options, is either scared, weak, or just gives in, because to change is too hard. Maybe, but it depends on the alternative. The singular is intentional.

This is why I created BUXBE.

BUXBE is a currency model that takes us back to creating quality, on demand, as the real status measure. Such an economic system never needs to fall back on quantity to function. It overturns the idea that only a few can achieve wealth. It is the exact opposite.

BUXBE affords, defaults, to making the highest quality that warrants quantity to be made, until it is no longer needed. Then you can let go and do something else. Any resources used are designed to be reused, recycled so there is no waste, as best as knowledge allows at the time. If resources were not used with this in mind, you would not get the support to make what you wish to create it.

What matters in BUXBE is you are empowered to share your highest creation, for yourself, and others that benefit from it. Money becomes the tool it was meant to be: not selling the least quality for the highest price, but the best quality at the lowest price. That’s where reputation really matters. No usury model can do this.

For a currency to support people, it must serve them, not own them. That’s why BUXBE is completely dependent on the people that used to use it. It must be free to use! If it wasn’t, then people are owned by it, so whoever owns the money owns the people. Further, BUXBE has no tax structure. There is no need. Again, if it did, it would prioritise economics, run by politics, over the environment. Abundance is about accessing experiences, not owning objects. This connects self and humanity to discover their identities and cultures, empowered with Earth.

All currencies need a base, a standard, from which all other exchanges are related to. If there wasn’t, people will just think in numbers, totally missing the point of what wealth is. The highest price doesn’t mean purchasing power. When gold was set at the $35/oz standard between the Bretton Woods Act and Nixon scrapping it in 1971, the market was largely stable. Differences had to be based on quality and convenience. Why the gold standard was scrapped was that there was no way for the volume of money available to meet exchange volume with the increasing population. Gold reserves could not, would never, cover the increasing money demand. That ‘greed’, for the owners of money to get more, led to the US dollar being the only standard left for global trade, which has led to the exponential printing of USD since, purchasing power dropping, and now the idea that decentralised money creation, through crypto, meaning still more printing of money, speculating on what will work. Money as a drug, the new religion. Why do you think so many books about money being wealth are being written, and sold? For you, or the money? Notice how billionaire has became the new millionaire in less than 25 years; just one generation.

The USA also didn’t want to return gold owned by other countries that were stored in the USA, but that’s another story.

The obstacle I always get is where does the money come from? I say it comes from you, on exchanging something with someone else. I get so many blank stares back because no one understands they are the money, not the bank. That’s the wall BUXBE has to break, and it can’t happen without you. That’s the point! You give money value, not vice versa.

Paradoxically, perhaps, this grounds what a true free market actually is, one based on the most efficient means to share experiences sustainably, prioritising environments, not politics or economics. When entrepreneurship prioritises environment, choices of experiences to create are easier to decide on because it doesn’t compromise anyone. Decision-making is easier because everyone has a voice with others for the greater good. Anyone against this doesn’t understand BUXBE. I don’t think they understand themselves, either.

What BUXBE ultimately achieves is the empowerment to create quality abundantly, in synergy Earth. If it doesn’t, it isn’t quality. It takes humanity out of the desire to own for one’s protection to be safe and give, share, knowing you will be given back. Usury can’t do this. People can say money is just energy between 2 people. You ignore the 3rd person, the bank you accept as necessary, inevitable, and they want you addicted to it. Then everyone, and I mean everyone, loses. Including Earth.

Humanity wants to learn how to get back there when it believes in itself, and possibly not need a quantitative currency at all. The day people decide that BUXBE is no longer necessary will be a very, very, very, good day. That will be an enlightening moment. No one need worry about if someone is paid to say what they do, or if it’s truly independent. In any media you see today, look at how many to find whether it is sponsored or an independent review. That already tells you how disempowering and biased usury is.

Think of all the energy wasted in protecting wealth using usury. All the duplicity for the same thing, like social media. It wastes so much time! It disempowers so many people! So many scam callers! So many media stories selling fear, because there is no money in equanimity. Look at how much intelligence is given freely through open source, to then be taken away from humanity to be owned and then distributed at everyone’s expense?

People do good in spite of money, not because of it. If this was false, entrepreneurs would not be fighting between power and empowerment.

So many people, all, if there is status to do so, want to do good, but can’t, controlled by the people that own the money that owns you. It owns them, too. They live in fear as much as you do. The more security one needs, the more it shows a systemic problem beyond the need for it.

Why do you accept being owned, leaving the fight for freedom in stories and songs you buy, screaming for the freedom you want, but left only to discuss it, dream of it, instead of living that freedom and empowerment every second in the present of your life, with everyone doing the same!? If freedom could happen with usury, it would’ve happened already.

Humanity has evolved to accept a disempowering illusion that doesn’t exist. Yes, there is always good and bad, but it is the direction they intersect in that makes the difference. The yin yang is not a symbol of good and bad as absolutes, it is a sway of both working together, either towards disempowerment, or empowerment.

Being does, not is. Learn to discover your self again. The gap is intentional. :)