The X Factor: Does Age Matter?


For years, individuals have attempted to link an entrepreneur’s age at the time of their startup’s inception to the startup’s final success. Some argue that age is a significant factor. However, we frequently hear that people have better prospects for success while they are younger. Youth is given a good and desirable value by society. Simultaneously, the older generation is pushed to the sidelines.

Ultimately, in the startup world, age is irrelevant; a solid concept is paramount.

While we may believe that only young people can come up with new ideas, or that only older people can come up with concepts that are realistic and can be sustained as a lucrative business, a successful start-up requires a combination of experience and inventiveness, as well as devotion and hard effort.

These are all elements that aren’t always related to one’s age. There may be older persons who are able to be innovative because they have studied the needs of people and the market over a lengthy period of time. Someone fresh, intelligent, attentive and passionate, and more in touch with the present generation, may exist to understand these requirements better.

And, in the end, it comes down to how hard they are willing to work, how near they are to resources like money, education, and technology, and how resilient they are.

Even the most successful company owners and entrepreneurs share many traits, but not necessarily their age. Cher Wang, who founded HTC around her 40th birthday, and Reid Hoffman, who founded LinkedIn at the age of 36, are examples of older entrepreneurs. There’s also Arianna Huffington, who was 55 when she created The Huffington Post, which has risen to be one of the top 30 most visited websites in the United States, and Colonel Sanders, the famed KFC founder, who was 65 when he started it! Even though it appears to be late in life, it is not! We are empowered through start-ups because they allow us to take control of our life.

You can transform the world with a good idea.

While these are all older people who have some of the most successful ventures of all time, there’s so many from the younger generation who have shaken things up! Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs when we started Apple, Bill Gates when he founded Microsoft, Aman Gupta, the founder of BOAT from India, these people are running businesses that have transformed the way people communicate and engage with technology entirely.

While one may think they need to be of a certain age, or that they are too young or too old to begin their venture- they should be assured that your belief in yourself, your creativity, your intelligence and dedication will take you far! No one can define a good entrepreneur except one, there are no eligibility criterias to being innovative and inventing products and services that can improve lives.

“Everyone can cook!” as Gusteau said in Ratatouille, it’s the same rule with business!