The Stupidity of College


Why would any American willingly subject themselves to the scrutiny and stress of pursuing a meaningless form of “higher education” at great cost and detriment to their own mental health as well as any future employment. In all my extensive experience with employment in America there is one truth which has outshone all others; the more incompetent and underqualified you are the better. Two things American employers despise in potential employees are proficiency and education, this is why high school dropouts and GED earners are ten times more likely to find a career than someone with a college degree. If a person has dropped out of school or taken the easy way out it shows that they would be absolutely dependent on any form of employment they can receive, as opposed to college graduates who could *potentially (only if this wasn’t America) find employment anywhere they want and would therefore be less willing to accept B.S. from above before seeking employment elsewhere. American employers value incompetence and desperation as they are mental equivalents of slavery, and forcing people to remain employed out of necessity has always been more lucrative than providing a living wage or decent working conditions.

What racks my poor, pathetic little brain far more than the previous blather is the fact that people continue to pay their student loans, even after paying what was originally borrowed and continuing to owe twice as much thanks to interest and inflation they keep shelling out money to fill the ever-deepening hole which will never be filled. Since Biden *won’t forgive student loans perhaps we should consider the alternative, if everyone simply stops paying their old loans off what’s the worst they can do? Garnish wages? Repossess to their hearts’ content? The value of the American dollar is currently based on the debt of the American people much as it was based on gold many years ago, to forgive that much debt would simply crash the economy, but wouldn’t the same result stem from forcing people out of their homes and into poorhouses because they made the mistake of pursuing a degree while committing the crime of not being wealthy? Perhaps an economy which benefits from the misery of the people who participate in it must in fact be destroyed for the benefit of the greater good…

Of course when one takes into consideration the fact that Americans typically pursue courses of action particularly counter-intuitive to their benefit or quality of life it makes perfect sense that they would continue to engage in activities which are detrimental to the same. This is of course why the collapse of the American economy is at once both inevitable and necessary; Americans actively work toward their own downfall by contributing to a society which views them as a necessary evil with little more value than the pesticides they insist on poisoning themselves with on a constant basis.

Mark my words carefully: when America is finally and officially a “third world country” with territorial crime lords, mass starvation and vicious fighting in regards to every available resource, remember; this is what The People wanted but were unwilling to admit.