The Strawman


When we see or hear the word strawman the first thing that comes to mind is the man of straw or what we usually hear but deep down there is another meaning behind that word that 90% of people are clueless about.

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A strawman definition according to Meriam-Webster Dictionary 1828 : is a weak or Imaginary opposition( such as an argument or adversary ) set up only to be easily confuted. Or a strawman is a set up to serve as cover for usually questionable transaction. Wow with a definition like that, if you know already you might Overstand where I am going with this.

Let me tell you a little story about financial status.

In 1933 there was 2 major moves made by President Roosevelt that would change the american dream narrative forever.

  1. President Roosevelt rewrote and restituted “ Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917” and it was applied to the 14th amendment citizens of the Federal United States.
  2. The Gold Was taken away from the people. Although they were not required to give it away. Thereby leaving the people without money to pay their DEBTS.

May 1st 1933 Federal Reserve issued a statement through the Secretary of Treasury that : Gold is not now and nor is it available for payment upon public or private debts. All gold coins has been melted into bars. By this scheme of the gold clause, the government had realized a profit from the public in the sum of $2.8 Billion dollars of confiscated gold.

Photo by Jingming Pan on Unsplash

2 years later the United States went into the insurance business, followed by the “Social Security Act of 1935". Now you wonder where I am going with this, soon it will all make sense. Now we are back on the strawman, so you have been working all your life and you have debts that are slowing you down. You are worrying about credit score, if you don’t have a house already you want to get one. After you see what I am about to tell you on this Strawman effect that we are all affected by, those things might not even matter anymore.

At the end of the civil war congress reconvened and passed what was called the united states reorganization act of 1871, also known as the act to provide a municipal government for district of columbia. However, this government was different; it was structured as a foreign owned corporation and called UNITED STATES and it is written in all caps.

Something else for you to notice : They changed the word constitution “FOR” the united states. So this change made the constitution a possession of the government corporation and “NOT” the possession of the people.

Now we are getting close on what a strawman really means. So now what does all this means to you ? What does the strawman has to do with you?unless you live under a rock this should mean everything to you. From your BIRTH-CERTIFICATE to your drivers license, you are in contract with corporations as a corporation. Just like the change of the words “UNITED STATES” in all caps; you also have your name in all caps when you are dealing with these institutions and corporations, the next time you get a bill look at it for yourself.