The Secret To Increasing Your Income

  1. The $75/Hour Professor
  2. The $168,000 Government Salary
  3. How Much Are You Earning?
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How much are you trying to make a year? At least 80k. Okay, why? Because that is a decent income, and I want to earn at least the average salary. I challenged the person and asked them, Did you know that you could earn twice that amount in your particular field? Their response: no.

Exposure Is The Secret

The first step to accumulating wealth is exposing yourself to new places, people, things, knowledge, and opportunities. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance only leads to a life of fewer opportunities, less enriching experiences, less enriching relationships, less joy, and fewer resources (wealth, health, and money).

Make it a point to expose yourself to a better life through education, reading, continuous learning, changing your surroundings, and changing the people you consistently hang around.

Exposure changes everything.

Ever felt flabbergasted after chatting with a friend, relative, or coworker about how much they’re getting paid because you’re getting paid beans in comparison and didn’t know that kind of money existed?

You never know how much you could get paid until you expose yourself to new information.

I was chatting with a friend about one of their friends who found an opportunity to raise their income by $3/hour. I then asked, why would they go for that when they can make substantially more with their unique skillset? My friend replied, “I know,” and left it at that.

Many people leave their earnings up to whatever opportunities they have immediate access to without ever considering going for something outside of their typical level of comfort.

The $75/Hour Professor

One of my professors told the entire class that he charges no less than $75/hour for his services. This hourly rate is below mediocre for some people, but I was baffled when he told us this information over 6 years ago because that was an above-average rate in his field. Hence, he motivated me or, in better words, gave me a baseline to aspire to no matter which career path I follow. Ultimately, he gave me a gift: we determine how much we get paid.

The $168,000 Government Salary

Six years ago, another man in his 50s told me he was earning $168,000/year in a government role. When I graduated college, my first gig out was less than half of this (though still solid), and he inspired me not only to earn that but to exceed it. But if I hadn’t been exposed to that information, I may not have been as motivated to seek something different than the average many people accept.

Another thing he taught me is I don’t need to wait until I’m in my 50s or 60s to earn X amount of money.

How Much Are You Earning?

Money is far from everything, but it does help; more importantly, what will help you the most is preventing yourself from being underpaid for the rest of your life.

What this could mean for you is that you need to switch careers, have a chat with your boss, or add new revenue streams. Whatever you do, don’t accept the status quo; the baseline is always planets away from your potential.

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