The Road Ahead.

Image by @ShadowBrigh7
Image by @ShadowBrigh7

Redeployment of CROugar X Contract

The wait is almost over! Our former regent King Crougar will have us good to go very soon! While we cannot give a specific date at this time, we hope to have that info for you in the coming days! With redeployment around the corner, we will be holding events to discuss the continued and future utilities of the project. We have been sprucing up our server in anticipation of doing more giveaways and to promote interaction. Expect some fun things leading up to the redeployment. (Remember…if you currently hold any Gen 2 NFTs, you will receive an airdrop of the matching CROugarX from the new contract!)

Gen 1 Staking Pool Growth

The staking pool funds going forward will be determined by a sustainable formula. This will allow us to plan ahead and manage our goals according to a 28 day calendar. We want to make sure the staking pools grow with each subsequent staking period. The next staking period will be the initial pool. As long as we are using CroDex as our platform for passive income, this formula will be followed.


This is ongoing…currently there are two members on the custodial team here at CROugarDAO. Growing the development team is a process, and we hope you all can bear with us as we search for candidates and take the time needed to have just the right person(s) join us on our quest. We have big plans for the project and for the community! The right person(s) would also share our vision and enthusiasm!

Activity Schedule

Tentatively, we will be following this schedule(subject to change). Hopefully, reducing the need to check the Discord randomly. Forums, voting, giveaways, etc. will happen at specific times during the week. Any special events will have their own announcements and are not part of the regular Activity Schedule. Plan accordingly, CROugars!