The Return of Elephant Money

  1. Get Elephant token.
  2. Get Trunk While Still On Sale.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

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The Elephant has recovered from the exploit and all contract are live again. All thanks to the brilliant mind of BankTeller and the continuous support from the herd community. All function such as Trunk Staking, Stampede Perpetual Bond and Elephant tokens are back online. This time better and strong than before.

Elephant Money Strategies

Elephant Money will be implementing some strategies to help the protocol back to it normal level.

Stampede Bond Float — not a strategy but the amount of unpaid bonds in Stampede which is used as the oracle for computing rewards for both TRUNK Rewards and the Performance pool. The more unpaid bonds the better adoption and growth is.

TRUNK Staking Rewards — a 10% APR is paid out to TRUNK stakers based on the outstanding Stampede Bond Float

Performance Rewards — a 1% APR is paid out to the maintainers of Elephant Money based on the outstanding Stampede Bond Float

Elephant Buyback Strategy — pay 10% of the BUSD Treasury balance per day to gradually buyback ELEPHANT as funds stream in from TRUNK minting. This mitigates abrupt changes in volatility and adds constant buy pressure to ELEPHANT for the Treasury and liquidity

TRUNK Peg Strategy — a 5% APR on the ELEPHANT Treasury is used to buy TRUNK and also add liquidity to TRUNK/BUSD

What Should/Can We Do?

If you are firm believer of Elephant Money and willing to help the protocol.

Get Elephant token.

This is more risky as compare to Trunk, Elephant token value is very far away from all time high. However with the new strategy, Elephant token will appreciate in value overtime. Invest in Elephant token if you are planning for the long term growth while earning extra Elephant token from the reflections.

Get Trunk While Still On Sale.

Trunk would be a safer investment right now. In addition, Trunk is on discount as of writing of this article. 1 Trunk = $0.94 USD. By purchasing Trunk and either staking it or Bonding it, both will help the bring Trunk back to peg. Most importantly, investors can earn from both price appreciation and the sweet 205% APR in Perpetual Bond.

Join my Herd Partner Network

Join my Herd Partner Network to earn free additional 0.5% on every compound and deposit of Trunk in the Perpetual Stampede Bond.

Please note: This is completely optional to join, unless you don't want the free money. You can change partner at anytime as well.

Simply head to The HERD: A Partner Network and add your preferred partner address. If you don’t mind, please add me as your partner, my address is: 0x678EDFA56dc0D299f6ED58F0f095b14D2587aE86


According to BankTeller, the above strategies should be free from manipulation from bad actors and will slowly help bring Elephant Money back to original level as before or even higher. Let’s give our continuous support to Elephant Money and hope we all can make money together.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. — Ayn Rand

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