The Origins Of Xiovi


The universe is in peril. It was dark on the night Xiovi, the master sorceress, breathed life into the Waifu’s. By the cunning hands of the sorceress, 10 legendary Waifu’s belonging to elemental house’s & 200 Waifus were forged. For only one purpose did the moon reveal secrets to Xiovi, secrets about the lost art of corpse reanimation. For only one purpose did Xiovi bring the Waifu’s into being, and that is to rectify a sacred balance, to tame the corrupt elementals…

For thousands of years, the elements of the universe as well as their corrupt counterparts, were held in a balance. For a long while, the order was beautiful, and life in the universe flourished. However, the order began to naturally collapse over time, and the corrupt elements, known as Elementals, gained more potency than their pure counter forms…

Xiovi Waifu NFT’s

Xiovi Waifu’s is a collection of 210 unique NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain. By holding a Xiovi Waifu NFT, you will be inducted into a kingdom that focuses on growth and stability for all citizens.

Supply: 210

Mint Date: TBD, follow us on Twitter

Public Mint: 1.5 SOL (210)

Presale: ???

Kingdom Plan’s (Roadmap)

Our roadmap is ceaseless, We will not stop until we provide unlimited value to Xiovi Waifu holders. After all, it’s our community that drives us forward.

Stage 1

  • Art creation — The Waifu’s are forged
  • Website Creation — The Kingdom Entrance
  • Marketing — Social growth on Discord & Twitter.

Stage 2

  • Auction — Legendary Waifu’s find a new home
  • Litepaper — Why we’re doing what we’re doing.
  • Mint — Waifu’s are released into the metaverse.

Stage 3

  • DAO — The Royal Council is formed.
  • Tokenomics — Unleashing your Waifu’s true potential
  • Staking — Waifu’s take on the elementals

Royal Council Intentions

  • Head of House Rewards — Legendary Waifu’s will receive 2x staking rewards.
  • Xiovi Merch — Our online store will have unique products that can be bought with our token.
  • Xiovi Waifu Staking — Waifu’s are put to the test against the elementals.
  • Xiovi Waifu Full Body — Holders can upgrade their Xiovi Waifu to a full art version of the NFT.
  • Xiovi Waifu [REDACTED] — this information will be revealed at a later date

Head of House Rewards

The Heads of Xiovi’s Elemental House’s are a group of 10 legendary waifu’s that were handpicked by Sorceress Xiovi, each granted the power of an element.Holder’s of the Legendary Xiovi Waifu NFT will receive 2x staking rewards than the regular Xiovi Waifu holder, regardless of what elemental they’re facing. (maybe % of royalties?) .

Xiovi Merch

The team at Xiovi Waifu’s believes in taking a unique approach to things. Upon our store launch, Waifu holders will have the ability to have their waifu on physical merchandise, and we aren’t just talking t-shirts & hats. Our merchandise will be purchasable using our native token with a % of revenue going to the LP & holders.

Xiovi Waifu Staking

The Waifu’s set out to defend the Xiovi Kingdom against the sacred Elementals, little do they know, they’re on a quest to tame them for the Sorceress Xiovi. Holder’s can stake their Waifu’s and earn our native token, the amount you receive for your staking period is dependent on how your Waifu typing matches up with the current Elemental. A full breakdown of reward allocation is around the corner, be on the lookout.

Waifu Full Body

Your Xiovi Waifu’s journey doesn’t end when you mint. You have the opportunity to unlock your Waifu’s full potential. Xiovi Waifu holders will have the opportunity to use their staking rewards to unlock your Waifu’s customized artwork, bringing new traits to your NFT that put you on a higher pedestal in the Xiovi Kingdom.

Xiovi Waifu Auction House

A few of the Head of House Waifu’s have chosen to grant their powers to worthy Xiovian citizens. The Royal Council has decided to collect any legendary Waifu that is sitting on secondary markets for a prolonged period of time and take them to the auction house. Citizen’s can earn bids through community activities as well as their own purse.

Xiovi Waifu [REDACTED]

Check back on this later…

Waifu Power Scaling

Each Waifu is granted an elemental power from Sorceress Xiovi. Each power comes with advantages, as well as their consequences when they square up against the mythical Elementals. There are 10 Waifu type’s (Water, Fire, Void, Earth, Grass, Thunder, Amethyst, Metal, Bubblegum, Karafuru), Each type is given super effectiveness against its elemental opposite (e.g. Water > Fire ) With powers having no effectiveness to opposites at all ( Void & Grass cancels Water out). These type matchups will determine your reward bonus for defeating specific Elementals. Every type has its advantages, some more than others mind you. ( Please refer to a raw version of the type matchup table for visualization).


10 Mythical Elemental Beasts have infected the land of Xiovi, and the Waifu’s must reclaim and purify the land. The Elemental Beasts will be the key for earning $WAIFU token through our unique staking experience. Each week, a new Elemental type will appear, affecting your Waifu’s type match up and ultimately the amount of tokens that you receive for your staking period, so you will have to strategize how you approach that week’s elemental… It pays to hold multiple Waifu’s.