The New Thoughts & Prayers From The Democrats


The New Thoughts & Prayers From The Democrats

There certainly leaves much to be said about the current political landscape of Houston, Texas, but one thing for certain is that black elected officials have mastered the art of benign neglect with the accurate precision of an Aaron Rodgers football pass.

Over the weekend there was a shooting that took place in a predominantly Freedmen apartment complex where 3 people were killed, the third one being the gunman who was later found going through the process of being evicted while living with prostate cancer that only gave him months to live. The man would shoot 2 other people & then set fire to 2 apartment units before being killed by the police once they arrived to the scene.

In the press conference after the shooting we would hear HPD Police Chief Troy Finner call for religious leaders to pray for the city of Houston, we’ve heard Mayor Turner make this same statement when it involves poverty related crimes. This gunman is the example of a person being pushed to his breaking point due to the stress of living in the city of Houston with $0 wealth while immigrants in the same city can head right over to their Office of New Americans for housing & access to other resources that allow them to live comfortably in a country they just got to.

Poverty needs to be classified as a public health crisis because of mental effects, physical effects, it’s been the catalyst of the rise in crime since the start of the pandemic & our black elected officials who I’m sure all supported the Office of New Americans can only offer a call for prayer during the time of our genocide.

This phrase is similar to the “thoughts & prayers” line that the Republicans like to use ad nauseum immediately after every mass shooting knowing that they’re not going to take any type of action. Houston is a majority Democrat city, so it’s no excuse why Freedmen should be living like this in the 4th largest city.

The black pastors aren’t exempt from any criticism in this neither because they don’t mind being used as cover while Freedmen are being led astray by pastors as well as politicians. Both operate the same way, the same disrespectful tone, stealing resources from the community while providing nothing of value to the people in the neighborhoods that their churches sit in. The same pastors are preventing an uprising around the country which is why the black church has been ineffective since the Civil Rights Movement.

Our elected officials are showing themselves to be ineffective as well which is why Freedmen voters need to “get a new dog” as stated by Congressman Al Green at the Gun Summit in Houston back in June. If they’re going to keep telling us what they can’t do then there’s no use for them to keep getting paid off of the Freedmen vote. We have the chance to make our voices heard by voting all of these people out in November.