The Most Interesting Investments I’ve Made Recently


Now I’m not a financial expert. My goal is to really diversify my portfolio a whole lot. I’m really interested in high Dividend stocks even if that means little capital growth. I love that when I am older I can use the dividends as a type of income. If I let these stocks sit, set up dividend reinvestment (which just means that my dividends will, well, reinvest into the stock to buy more shares), and slowly buy more and more, then each month, quarter, or year I will receive a small dividend as passive income.

Photo by Visual Karsa on Unsplash

Of course, I don’t only invest in Dividend Stocks because I am only in my twenties and I have some play money to really try to make the most out of the time I have to take advantage of compound interest.

As a Math Major in college, I really find the stock market to be really stimulating and fun. I know that is a super privileged thing to say. One thing I will say is that I love using TD Ameritrade, Robinhood, and Wealthfront. TD Ameritrade is where I do full stock trades and buy individual stocks that I really believe in. Robinhood is where I do a lot of partial stocks. I love that I can just put $10 a month into my Robinhood account and put $1 into 10 different stocks every month. It is more of an experimental and fun place that I will trade. Since it allows me to do partial stocks I find that I am much more willing to buy a variety of stocks and really just have fun and notice trends. And Wealthfront is where I have my Roth IRA and a general investment account. I love that Wealthfront has a low management cost since it is all robo-generated. The only downside for me is that the minimum account balance is $500 and the minimum deposit is $100. So it makes it difficult for me to be able to commit. I mainly use Wealthfront to fund my Roth IRA which is my primary retirement fund. Most of my other investments are for saving up for a home and for children.

If you’re just getting started I recommend having all 3 accounts. Ameritrade for more legit trading and having a lot of control over your portfolio. It has stood the test of time and it has the most information about stocks. Another pro is that it has articles that they will show you that include the stocks you’re invested in. Robinhood can be used for more experimentation or diversification. It is easy to be really diverse on Robinhood because you don’t need to buy the whole stock to reap benefits. And Wealthfront for really long-term investing that is super reliable and diversified. You have some control over the balance of what markets are being invested into and you can set up high risk when you are younger and a lower risk when you are closer to retirement.

Let’s get into ETFs and Stocks that have been my favorite to watch and learn about!


When I heard that Olaplex, my favorite hair care company, was going public, I knew I had to get in on it. I bought a few shares as soon as I could and it hasn’t gone super well. There are a few articles about it circulating and speculating high growth in the future. I love these hair products and I think with the popularity of the hair oil on Tik Tok that company is going to do well for a long time. This is a company I will not be pulling out of any time soon. I see it is very consistent and will continue to have a steady growth. It is a line that is sold at Sephora and online. People, including myself, think of Olaplex as the gold standard for repairing damaged hair.

If you’re looking into getting into the beauty game then OLPX could be a great long-term investment. It has been around for years and many hairdressers use it on a daily basis.


Reit is a Real Estate ETF that “seeks total return through dividends and capital appreciation.” This is one of the more interesting and experimental investments for me. I love ETFs in general because I love the diversity it gives me with low effort.

You’ll notice that I’m really interested in dividend investments. This is mainly because my parents’ financial advisor said to me, “take your money out of shitty growth stocks and put it into companies that actually give you money.”

If you don’t know what a dividend is, it is a way that companies choose to pay back their shareholders. Sometimes a company will use the extra profit to go back into the business and hopefully increase the share price, while dividends are a way of using the extra profits that they see and giving it back to the shareholders. I typically look for about 3–4% annual dividend yield. Some companies pay back annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Reit stands for Real Estate Investment Trust, while REIT is the symbol for ALPS Active REIT ETF. A reit is a way to invest in property without having to buy a house, condo, or apartment. Reits hold a variety of income-producing real estate so the main point is to receive dividends.

If I am honest, I bought REIT because it was cheap and I found it first. I do like that the Annual Dividend Yield is 2.17% and that its pretty diversified. One downside is the high management fee/ expense ratio of .68%. I try to stay below .5%. But this has been fun to experiment with and I am excited to get into other REITs in the future.

SPHD (Invesco S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility ETF)

This fund is great for people wanting to invest in Dividend ETFs. I love how consistent it has been. It consistently does about 10% a year which is above average inflation. That does not include the Dividend yield that it distributes. It has a low management fee of .3% which is great for long-term holdings.

Overall this is just a solid ETF if you are looking into receiving passive income through dividends.

WM (Waste Management)

This one is probably not a huge surprise to regular investors, but if you’re a new investor then this is a solid stock to have as a part of your portfolio. It has done well over the years and it doesn’t have an end in sight. Waste Management is also getting into the renewable energy game and is creating a solid foundation even when a green wave is coming around.

SDY (SPDR S&P 500 Dividend ETF)

Dividend ETFs have been my favorite way of adding some interest to my portfolio. Passive income made from the stocks gets reinvested and I really enjoy how gains are seen so concretely.

The expense ratio is a little high at .35%, but I think it has been really fun to have different funds like this in my portfolio to compare how they perform and see what I’d like to invest in more in the future.

AXP (American Express)

Now you might already know this, but I had no clue how heavily American Express was a part of travel sales. I love how AMEX is always a top of the line card and that they have such a strong foothold in the market.

This is a stock that I reinvest every time I get a paycheck because it always does better than I expect.

I hope that these stocks weren’t super repetitive. I have enjoyed the stock market and using my love for drama and “tea” to learn about companies and know what to invest my money in and what to stay away from!