The main principles that we adhere to and promote in our work


Good day, our dear reader or listener. We are publishing this post in order to lift the veil of secrets of our Tokenowars project.

We want to talk about our principles that we put into the project, maybe we will be able to slightly change the industry and approach to the development of NFT games.

The goal of the Tokenowars project is to attract the maximum number of users to the crypto industry. We want to show them that they should not be afraid that it can create a product for users, and not just for speculative sales. In our project, everyone can earn if they set themselves such a goal. But first of all, we make a product for recreation, entertainment and communication between all users around the world.

First principle: The game must be free.

Yes, 90%, if not 99% of games built on NFTs are built on a Ponzi scheme. That is, users who entered the project earlier receive profit from users who entered the project later. Since in order to start the game you need to buy something … Unfortunately, the Ponzi principle is a typical pyramid, an investment pyramid. It does not ensure the long-term nature of the project, since sooner or later the flow of new users falls, as does the income of previously registered ones.

In our project, any user who decides to join us will have a choice of how to act. Buy him premium equipment, accessories, real estate, etc., or achieve all this in the game without spending a single cent on it.

The second principle: Occam’s Razor — You should not multiply things unnecessarily (William of Ockham — English philosopher, Franciscan monk from Ockham, a small village in Surrey in southern England)

We interpret the term Occam’s Razor for ourselves as follows: Everything should be simplified as long as possible, but no more.

What does this mean you ask. We make a fairly simple product. In which each user is able to understand in the shortest possible time. We do not build complex processes, but rather simplify them. We want the user to enjoy spending time in our game, regardless of what he gets it: from chatting, endless battles, building production, earning money or farming.

The third principle: Time lost with pleasure is not considered lost. (John Lennon is a British rock musician, singer, poet, composer, artist, writer.)

Your time is important to us. Therefore, we give a product that will not constantly require your time. We try to make a fairly native project that you can spend as much time on as you want, and the result depends solely on you.

Fourth principle: The customer should always come first, employees second, and stockholders third. (Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba)

We are well aware that it is enough for us to make one or two mistakes and bring a negative experience to users — and that’s it. It will be very difficult for the project and the project team to correct the mistakes that were made. Therefore, as we can see, it is better to do everything step by step, without fuss and panic. No extra mistakes. Therefore, this product in the first stage is released only for the Web. But we will tell you a secret that we plan to release mobile clients too.

Fifth Principle: The closest thing to greatness is honesty. (Victor Marie Hugo — French writer)

We want to be honest with you, so we are open that we will have a small advantage for users who decide to take advantage of our offers to purchase real estate, parts of the island, items or customize their character and weapons with Luna. But in any case, the outcome of an event depends solely on your skills, mood and luck at a particular moment.
We do not issue our own token because we want to maintain the principle of honesty. Since we are focused not only on users who are dedicated to the crypto industry, but also on ordinary users who are far from it. We want to keep the principle of a fair price for Luna. In order not to sell your token for 0.001 to exchanges, and then to ordinary users 100 times more expensive. This is not correct, from our point of view. You can count otherwise.
We plan to regulate the prices of premium items for the Luna token using internal mechanisms. What would the price be adequate and affordable, regardless of the course Luna and world politics.

Sixth principle: only a fool keeps in order — a genius rules over chaos. (Albert Einstein — German theoretical physicist)

We don’t want to create 100–500 rules of behavior in our project. We are still creating a project related to fights and competitions. And which congress follows the rules? Missed something and sold premium usage at half price? It’s okay, it’s your own fault. Have you been badly named? Sometimes people are different. Do you think that this person is not worthy to be a participant in the project? Close his page and don’t come back.
You will have rules, but they will fit on a landscape sheet of paper.
The main rule for which you can be blocked and denied access to your account is an unfair attitude towards other players: In the form of using multiple registrations or automating the gameplay. If necessary, all your accounts will be blocked for all participants.

Thank you for reading our post.
We hope you are interested in the project.
Also, you can always write to us and ask any questions in the telegram @tokenowars_en.

P.s We are always ready to strengthen the team! Slowly reaching your goal. In this regard: if you want to be able to strengthen or support our team, be sure to write us a telegram @tokenowars_en, we will be happy to discuss the possibilities and conditions of cooperation.