The Hottest Thing A Woman Can Do With Her Money

  1. Budgeting
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Less than half (45%) of women feel financially independent, according to a survey. Nearly two-fifths (38%) of those who do not consider themselves financially independent feel unable to make their own life choices, with some saying they were depending on a partner’s income or had outstanding debts (Yahoo Finance).

The hottest thing a woman can do with her money is manage it correctly and independently. Historically, women have not been bestowed the title of “successful money manager” because handling money has always been believed to be better handled by the guys. However, anyone with financial education can handle money well.

6 Things Women Need To Know


Every woman should have a budget to know precisely what is coming in and what is going out. Budgeting is the first step to handling your money and increasing transparency.


The bills aren’t going to pay for themselves. How much are your expenses every month; do you know or have an estimate?


Some women continually accumulate debt, pay off debt, and manage debt. What do you do with your debt: are you adding, subtracting, or managing your debt? Can you afford your current lifestyle, or do you need to cut back? Is your net worth positive or negative?

Investments & Savings

Though the masses tend to delay prioritizing this category, it should never be placed on the backburner. The more you focus on investing and saving, the sooner you can reach financial independence.


Do you know what age you want to retire? Many people don’t know the answer to this, or they give a generic response and pick the standard retirement age number. Once you know the number you want to hit for total financial independence, it’s time to determine the game plan for your finances.


It’s okay if you’re not a tax master. Less than 1% of the world is. It is good practice to know what goes into tax planning, though.

What’s Your Status?

If you’re married, in a relationship, or financially reliant on someone to handle these six things for you, it’s time to take back the reigns and educate yourself.

Never allow someone else to handle your money full-time. It’s okay to have helpers, but you need to stay in charge of your finances to ensure everything happening to your money is approved by you.

Too many women have left their finances up to someone else; the consequences are as numerous and diverse as you probably know. We’ve all heard stories about women who didn’t have a handle on their finances or left their money entirely in someone else's hands.

Do the opposite and avoid financial tragedy and ignorance by continually educating yourself about money.

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