The Goal is Not To Be Rich, The Goal is To Be Spent

Photo by Jahaziel Esqueche on Unsplash

The one thing the richest people have in common is that they don’t chase money. Everybody else sees the money they have and think that the secret is to chase money. But what all those who are very financially successful did is choose the right work (or niche) in a thriving industry and just allowed their genius to rise. When you are in the right place, at a good time, and you are in flow, you can achieve your 2-year goal in just 10 minutes.

Most people go seeking where the money is. And that is not wrong. In fact, it is highly recommended. But people do it wrong. They go seek a job or work where the money is. That is wrong. You go seeking the industry, city, etc., where the money is. You don’t go where you can get the most money for your sweat. Instead, you go where money is abundant and figure out how the money moves. Your success is hinged on understanding why things are the way they are.

If you are going to get a job, get a job that takes you closer to where the action is. The specific work you will be doing shouldn’t bother you. Forget about the job description. Get close to somewhere you can understand what is really going on. That is where you find the right people. If you can flow naturally there and display your genius, money will rush at you.

The Goal is Not to be Rich

One of the reasons I detest the idea of student loans is that it puts young people under pressure after school. Their choices and decisions have a higher tendency to be influenced by the pressure to make money. And that doesn’t serve well. This is because if you want to be very rich, you have to first forget about the idea of getting a lot of money.

You have to put your head down and do something that is not so financially rewarding for years. People become very rich when they successfully bring the world to see things differently. They open up a new industry or sub-industry. They believe in something before the whole world gets it. That is the path of being super-rich. It is not about looking for the highest-paying jobs.

So, if your goal is to be rich, you are missing something very crucial. If the path doesn’t look like it is going to make you a lot of money, you will abandon it. But taking the path less traveled is what creates great wealth.

On the journey to wealth, no end in sight is filled with great wealth. This is because, in the end, you create wealth. Riches and wealth are things you bring out from yourself. Wealth is man-made. What you see as wealth in today’s world is the creation of some people.

Don’t fall in love with the wealth of other people. Fall in love with your wealth. Fall in love with what you are building. The goal is not to be rich, because you are already rich. The day you realize this, money starts to pour in.

The Goal is To Be Spent

I hope I have managed to convince you that you are rich already. You are not rich because you have a lot of money. You have a lot of money because you are good at something that generates a lot of money. People who recognize that they are rich, regardless of what their bank says are those who eventually gather lots of money.

If you don’t believe in your value (and in what you are building), that is when you are poor. Poor people believe that their value as a person is inferior to others. And as a result, everything they do stems from that belief.

On the other hand, you are rich when you realize that your value as a person is not inferior to that of anybody. And when you begin to do things from that understanding, life opens up in a special way. You find a thriving industry and your zone of genius. And then, get in the flow. Money can’t but rush to you.

It is easy to keep score in this world with money. Meaning that you keep looking at money as the measuring tape of success. But in the real sense of it, when you die, you leave everything behind. There is really no score. Money is just a tool to be more of yourself to the world.

How successful you are will eventually be measured in the level of impact you make (both on people’s lives and the advancement of the human experience). Nobody cares how rich a person was 500 years ago. But if you created a mathematical formula that serves as a bedrock of technological advancement today, you are fondly remembered.

So, the goal is not to live rich, even though that is cool. Instead, the goal is to be spent. To know that there is nothing else you wished to do that you didn’t do. To completely exhaust all the ideas that came to you. To put to work every good thought of positive impact both on yourself and others. To give your all without holding back.

Having a Great Life

How many people can say at the end of the day:

I gave my everything today

Most people can’t. And the secret to having a great life is to have many great days. The secret to having great days is to use every ounce of energy you have to bring life to the positive and progressive ideas that come to you.

Most people go to sleep each day, knowing that they held back. They held back kindness. They held back love. They held back correction. They held back decisions. They held back a compliment. And that is a recipe for a mediocre life.

Yes, you have to hold back anger and all the negative stuff. But you are better off expressing both the negative stuff and the positive stuff than holding back on everything.

In the end, life is not about having or getting. Instead, life is about getting spent. If you spend yourself well, you will reap the best of money and other good things.


You are not living, you are spending yourself every day. How did you spend yourself yesterday? How are you going to spend yourself today? That is what eventually determines how wealthy and influential you become in this world.

Money comes easily when you stop trying to get it. Don’t hold back on a good idea today.