The EZ Side Update: May 8th, 2022

  1. California Governor Signs Executive Order Encouraging Bitcoin And Crypto Businesses
  2. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Other Coins Now Supported By Argentina's Biggest Private Bank |
  3. Argentina's central bank steps in to block new crypto offerings from banks
  4. Backtracks on Loyalty Program Cuts, Revisits CRO Staking Rewards | CoinCodex
  5. ETH Founder Buterin's $100 Mln Shiba Inu Fund Backs Anti-COVID Efforts
  6. Solana suffers 7 hour outage as bots invade the network
Trust The Process

“I just go up, no time for down, I just go up.” ~ Croosh


Crypto Moves 📈:
$BTC under $40k
$ETH under $3k
$SOL under $85
$ADA under $0.90
$ALGO under $1
$LINK under $13
$ATOM under $20
$VET under $0.06
$FIL under $16
$ZEC under $125

I figured we needed an anthem for those of us that are buying at these levels and sticking to the fundamental strategies of investing. Great things are upon us! How do I know? Well I remember in 2018 when we hit $3k BTC, Crypto became the biggest joke in the markets. Fast forward 4 years later and BTC is at $35k.

We aren’t going to 0 unless the world is about to end. People have been saying the world is ending for generations, but yet the world keeps spinning. Don’t quit because the negative thoughts are running rapid inside your mind. Don’t quit because some asshole wants to share his opinion because he got silly and lost. This game doesn’t care about your feelings, but it does reward the disciplined warrior that never gives up. It’s time to go up!


Crypto News 📰:
- U.S. Deficit hits record high
- California goes Crypto
- Argentina Crypto Drama
- New Grayscale List
- CRO back peddles lol
- Binance goes legal in France & Twitter
- Vitalik & SHIB gang up on COVID
- ALGO is the official Blockchain of FIFA
- SOL suffers 7th outage

This is high on the list of topics to discuss because of the illusion that the economy in the U.S. is strong right now. Having a trade deficit means we are buying more than we are selling. We are in $30 Trillion in debt and now competing countries are selling more goods than we are.


What does this mean? It means if we don’t get our shit together real soon as a nation our economy could spiral out of control. Good news is that if we continue to see the traditional markets slipping, Crypto will continue to look appealing to investors. Why? Well, the irresponsibility of the Traditional Markets could become the responsibility of the Crypto Markets. Creating tangible value to raise capital for business while taking out the middle man: THE BANKS.


The actions of leaders and governments are screaming the possibility of this theory really coming true. Crypto Markets bring more transparency and opportunity than stocks ever did. Governor Newsom decided right before mid terms that it is a great idea to now begin regulatory framework for Crypto…⌛

Glad to see California taking a step in the right direction, but are they late to the party? The answer to that question is who cares as long as they bring freedom to the citizens of the beautiful state of California. That would be sexy.


As Crypto continues to go global, entities that fear this market will do everything in their power to stop it. Argentina this week was a fantastic example of this garbage.

The moment a bank sees the benefits and the common sense that is associated with Crypto, the Argentina Central Bank tries to stop it. I believe as time progresses, the Central Banks will have to cave to the revolution and give the people what they want.


Grayscale is giving the people what they want and it is super awesome to see their level of transparency about what they are filling their bags with.

In the end we all want to know what to invest into and how we should invest our money. I was always told to just follow the big money and you will get your answers. Would be nice if we could do that with our politicians.


This week we had one a really interesting moment for Crypto History where the people show their strength when united. decided that it was a good idea to take more from their customers and give them less. Literally the next day they decided to back peddle.

Wild how during these lows in the markets these guys decided to take away the incentives that gave them any notoriety at all. Honestly, just go join Gemini and be a part of a team that care about their clients lol.


Looks like the people of France got a win this week with Binance now being the first regulatory approved Crypto Exchange. Along with France Binance also got an opportunity to co-invest in Twitter with Elon Musk. LFG!


Crypto leaders combined with industry leaders will help put Crypto in the forefront and make people wake up to the possibilities of Financial Freedom. Let’s just make sure that we keep our Freedom of Speech.


Freedom is the battle and knowing now that Crypto is the symbol of freedom, you gain a sense of hope when people like Vitalik stand up. The mainstream media wanted to keep spewing fear about COVID, but Vitalik (The inventor of Ethereum) took action in India. He gave $1.5 Billion to fight COVID there and he had $100 million sent back to him earlier this year. He then took that money and started a fund to combat COVID all around the world. Love me some Vitalik.

Vitalik is the hero the world does not deserve and yet he is using his power to make a real change. This all awhile the people spreading the fear sit in their homes and cower in their on toxic fear. Free people are getting stronger.


By the way Vitalik will make Ethereum a lot more affordable. I believe in this man. He is one of us.


Let’s get to some great news for us ALGO fanatics out here! Fifa has announced that they will be making Algorand the official Blockchain of FIFA.


That is pretty much billions of people around the world will see the name Algorand when they are watching soccer. This the kind of marketing you could only dream of and it is right in the hands of one of our favorite projects.


Little bit of bad news this week with Solana running into the same problem for the 7th time, that has led them to a huge outage on the network.

Now this isn’t entirely Solana’s fault because I don’t think it was factored in when the dev team created their Blockchain. Now that they know the problem they better find a solution. If they don’t or take too long, their market share will get swept and they will have to resort to playing the catch up game. Great news is this is what Crypto is about; finding solutions for problems.


Keep the right mindset frenz. Times get tough, but those times will turn you into a stronger person. Take the punches, but don’t forget to fight back. I’ll see all of you on the moon.

~ 2EZ